Strategies To Improve Patient Retention

As patients continue to make purchases to access health care, health care organizations need to consider patient engagement strategies that will improve patient retention and customer loyalty.


Using patient engagement techniques can improve patient retention rates. From getting patients to the door, to ensuring a low and affordable sense of payment, health organizations should keep in mind the patient’s satisfaction and involvement in order to maintain patient credibility.


Here are some strategies you can use to increase patient care:


Digitizing Marketing and Outreach

The transition from traditional advertising to a modern advertising platform is common today. Instead of breaking the bank with billboards and radio ads, choose technologies such as individual clicks and Facebook and social media posts.


Being open to inquiries online is also a must to create a patient-provider bond.


These strategies can provide new consumer information, helping your practice to engage more with your patients.


Patient satisfaction efforts to improve retention


Patient loyalty boils down to three things:

  • Contact the provider patiently
  • The compassion of the provider
  • Coordinating care

When practice leaders follow their track of patient satisfaction levels and online reviews, they can get a better idea of ​​how to maximize their social impact. Today’s patient is looking forward to seeing blogs, articles, and health care issues as they log into their provider’s website. It is not enough to have a website; a practice site should be a source of health care to create a lasting impression. Patients want to understand that we actually care for them.


Implementation of the patient portal

Portals help to improve relationships with the patient and provider. By sending direct messages, patients can communicate with their doctor during care visits. This is important for building relationships, especially for office-based patients only a few times a year.


Allowing patients access to their health information and message with their providers through the patient portal will also help improve patient loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.



Patient-focused billing for efficient revenue cycle

 Patient tolerance collection strategies also have implications for patient satisfaction and ultimately, patient reliability. If patients are unable to easily manage their out-of-pocket expenses, they may return to the provider for another care combination.

You can start by simplifying things for the patient by adding things a little, simply relaxing and creating more efficiency.


One of the most common patient-centered strategies is working with third-party companies that offer full-service charges, such as Right Medical Billing. We manage our patient’s statement process where our dedicated staff will explain to their patients, answer all their questions, and collect patient fundraising.


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