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Right Medical Billing is offering our Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding services to new start-ups, small, and medical practices of all sizes. When we partner up with you, our billing and coding specialists become an extension of your own staff. Our job will be to protect your revenue stream and keep all your claims running smoothly. Our promise is to have every one of your claims billed within 24 hours.

Cinco Ranch TX Medical Billing and Coding

Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding

With healthcare, more than any other industry, paperwork, clerical work, and transactions between clients are overly complicated. We literally need a full-time job to translate it all. From changes in the technology we use to new insurance regulations and healthcare reform, it is a battle to stay up-to-date. More extensive facilities, whole hospital systems, have the opportunity to hire their coders and billers in-house, but this is not affordable for private practices. Right Medical is here to provide a reliable outsourcing option.

About Us

Our company comes from a medical practitioner, herself. Humaira Qureshi is all too familiar with the troubles of medical billing and coding. It can present itself as a tedious ancillary task next to the rest of the work you are doing for your patients. But it is an important one. Without it, you have no income, and your practice cannot remain a viable business. After Qureshi and all our experience, we put together a team of certified medical coding and billing experts.

Our Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding services go towards micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, hospital groups, emergency care facilities, and private practices. We are ideal for any self-owned, newly starting, or smaller medical businesses. But, we can handle, of course, any-sized medical facility. We just understand the needs of private practice.

While smaller healthcare practices may not be able to afford the in-house coding and billing services that a hospital system can, there are some benefits. By outsourcing with us, you are ensuring your work with a tried and true team. Our company is centralized and focused on the sole tasks of medical billing and coding. Because it is all we do, you know the transactions between you, your patients, and your insurance is well taken care of.

Cinco Ranch TX Medical Billing and CodingWe operate as your intermediary between clients and in-network insurance companies. Right Medical Billing is promising diligence for the end-to-end revenue cycle. With us, you will not miss any reimbursements or claims under our watchful wing. Once again, our promise is billed claims within 24 hours, so there are no missed, delayed, or backed up payments.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Services

It is clear that our team’s first and foremost task for you is our Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding. And for a good reason: coding and billing is crucial to any healthcare team. Every practitioner and patient interaction is recorded in the medical code. This is important for records and for when it goes to your billers. Every practice needs its payments maintained to stay afloat, and mistakes in this area add up to create a problem.

For an example of how this can cause a breakdown, with an error on a claim, the insurance company will reject it. What will follow is a lengthy resubmission process. All this amounts to a delay in your payment. Instead, while dealing with this payment, you get behind with other clients’ payments or spend less time with your patients. It takes diligence to stay on top of patients that miss payments themselves and difficult insurance companies too.

However, billing and coding are not all we do for you. As you know, the work people do not see that goes on between insurance, patient, and practitioner amounts to a lot. Our team also provides:

  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Training and Consultation for healthcare providers
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Comprehensive Chart Auditing

Contracts and Credentials

Our services help practitioners from scratch, growth, and up. Every private practice, just starting finds out that their first task is building their primary foundational clientele. The key to this is contracts and credentialing with their insurance providers. The more insurance companies you are in-network with, the more potential patients can afford, pay, and see you. On top of that, it is our job to work with your network of insurance companies so that you see the best rates possible.

Katy TX Medical Billing Services

Once you are in-network with insurance providers, you have a potential client base. With your clients, we are in charge of every visit to run transactions between the two. We have promised to have all claims billed within 24 hours. But it will also be our responsibility to handle all insurance and patients avoiding their part of payments. Your out-of-network patients, as well, will all go through us. We interpret our codes, recording their visits, and translate it for their billing at the end.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We have reiterated time and time again our promise to have your claims done in 24 hours. This is because of Humaira and our experience with bad outsourced medical billing and coding providers. We have become known as the cleanup crew when it comes to our audits. Our coders audit your charts while our billers check your budget and finances.

The first thing our Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding team does when signing on with you is asking how you were dissatisfied with your last medical billing provider. It is too often that we find, hear, and experience ourselves that these outsourced billers do the bare minimum for their clients just to collect the paycheck. And worse, their lack of attention was creating a gaping hole in their practices’ income.

Cinco Ranch TX Medical Billing and Coding

With the healthcare emergency that COVID-19 has presented Houston Texas, Cinco Ranch, and the world, medical professionals are having pressed on them what they already knew, the minutia of our job compounds the stress of it all. Every new wave of healthcare reform and regulations means you and your coders have to relearn everything. There are insurance companies that tend not to come in when it is their patients’ time of need. And technology will keep this flux constant.

If you see how our Cinco Ranch TX medical billing and coding can help your practice, then call (281) 864-0448 or email us at You can also visit our location to learn more.

Cinco Ranch TX Fun Facts

  • The settling of Cinco Ranch started in 1820
  • In 2003 Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch.
  • We are home to La Centerra, and Katy Mills is right down I-10.
  • For more on us, visit here:
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