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Right Medical Billing is offering our Cinco Ranch outsource medical billing to healthcare facilities in the area. Health practitioners may find the coding and billing parts of their practice tedious. But they are crucial to running their business. Even if we do not want to see it as a business, your practice itself has to remain financially viable. Your revenue stream needs careful watch so that you stay open and can continue treating your patients.Cinco Ranch TX Outsource Medical Billing

About Us

Our founder, Humaira Qureshi, runs the Right Medical Billing team. She, a medical practitioner from Pakistan herself, knows the stresses behind the duties in the healthcare facility. Our goal is to take the responsibilities of financial management off your shoulders.

Our services typically go to hospital groups,  free-standing emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, micro-hospitals, and medical clinics. We are perfect for self-owned, smaller, and new practices. Although, we manage the coding and billing for plenty of large medical facilities and hospitals. It is just that we understand the greater need for outsourcing in smaller hospitals.

Larger hospital systems may be able to afford hiring in-house coders and billers, but there are several benefits to outsourcing through us. Our staff becomes an extension of your own. Except, they are centralized and singularly focused around the tasks of coding and billing. You are hiring professionals to manage the patient and insurance relationship, while you are left to your specialty, patient care.

Affiliated With

  • A G&A Partner

  • Partners with Preeminent Technology
  • AltuMED’s Billing Software
  • Partners with Sevocity for our Electronic Health Records
  • A Friend of TAFEC (Texas Association of Free-Standing Emergency Centers)
  • Featured in Katy Magazine
  • A Member of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce since 2016

Our Medical Billing Services

Even though our first responsibility to your practice is medical billing, it is not all we do. We take care of the whole patient and insurance transaction, beginning with your medical charts and codes. These are important, not only for your medical records but also because we use them to determine how much your services cost. We help educate your staff with our regular newsletters on the updates to the medical code. From there, we perform careful audits on your facility’s charts.

  • Training and Consultation of Medical Staff
  • Comprehensive Chart Auditing
  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Contracting and Credentialing Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Credentials and Contracts

Every medical practice knows that the first hurdle when starting out is building a foundational client base. The way to do this is to make relationships with insurance companies. When you are in-network with insurance providers, more of your potential clients can afford to see you. Your Cinco Ranch TX outsource medical billing and coding team handles this and the negotiations that get you the best rates possible.

Cinco Ranch TX Outsource Medical Billing

Why Outsource

Getting claims out in a timely and accurate manner is crucial in medical billing. Insurance providers will take any opportunity they can to reject your insurance claim if they find an error. What will follow is a long resubmission process and delayed payment for you. You experience a backup in the rest of your clerical work and patients’ payments. It will also cut into the time you get to spend with your patients.

Statistics give us some alarming information about how a practice’s revenue can get cut through these means. For example, paper claims can have turnarounds that take as long as 30 to 90 days. While Right Medical, with our electronic submissions, can achieve 14 to 18-day turnarounds. This is a part of our promise to you that all claims will get filed within 24 hours.

Also, medical facilities experience costs of $8.00 to $10.00 on each of their paper claims. Our team reduces this number by 50% or more. Next, insurance carriers have a 30% submission or rejection rate. We reduce these numbers with our comprehensive audits and programs to make this number 2-3% and achieve a 98% accuracy rate.

Lastly, these rejections and delays amount to a hole in your medical facility’s revenue. Insurance providers are taking advantage of these every step of the way to keep from paying their patients’ costs. So much so that only 70% of claims end up getting paid. This cost hurts your patients and eventually you. With Right Medical’s help, we can get this number up to 98%.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Humaira Qureshi is familiar from her experience as a medical practitioner and head of Right Medical Billing the problems with outsourcing. Many outsourced billing companies do the bare minimum only to collect their check at the end of the year. However, after being in business for a while, we have become known as the cleanup Cinco Ranch TX outsourcing medical billing company.

The first thing we do is figure out what made you unsatisfied with your previous billing and coding provider. From there, we perform a full audit of your finances. We, too, often find that their negligence resulted in errors, missed reimbursements, delays, and a whole in your revenue.

Our job is to stand out as one of the outsourcing professional billing companies you can trust. We encourage you to read our clients’ testimonials to see what we have been able to do for them. The most common feedback we receive is about our knowledge and accessibility.

Cinco Ranch TX Outsource Medical Billing

Our services will help you to retain more money!

The Right Medical billers remain on call for you, always a person on the other side too. You should be able to know the status of your payments and revenue streams at all times. So we better understand how to perform our job to your preferences, we get to know our clients and their practice.

Cinco Ranch TX Outsource Medical Billing

The coronavirus gave us an example of what we already knew about our profession. It is hectic, stressful, and overwhelming. Paperwork and clerical work can exacerbate it and get in the way of the time we have with our patients. In emergencies like COVID-19, it only seems to compound itself while we are worried about our patients. A backup team that solely deals with these tasks relieves you of having to worry about this work when a crisis comes up.

On the other hand, none of us are unfamiliar with these upsets. Every wave of insurance and healthcare reform or change in rules and regulations upends our entire systems. Medical staffs have to relearn whichever way they do their codes, charts, and insurance billing. Plus, the ever-involving technology we use means that our systems are always in flux. Your specialized team with Right Medical has the sole task of keeping up-to-date with the latest systems and regulations.

If you see how our Cinco Ranch TX outsource medical billing can benefit your medical facility, then contact us by calling (281) 864-0448 or email us at

Cinco Ranch Texas Fun Facts

  • The settling of Cinco Ranch started in 1820
  • In 2003 Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch.
  • We are home to La Centerra, and Katy Mills is right down I-10.
  • For more on us, visit here:
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