RMB will obtain and negotiate contracts with insurance payers. We ensure your contracts with insurance carriers are up-to-date and attain the highest reimbursement rates.

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Negotiating In-Network Contractss

Negotiating contracts effectively is the first step in growing your facility to the standard you aim for. We are aggressive with our negotiating, and our relationships that span over twenty-five years have always resulted in the benefit of our clients. Not negotiating contracts effectively makes you lose money. This is something you should leave up to the experts.

Our EDI team has garnered relationships with most network managers in insurance companies. Right Medical Billing will exploit certain circumstances, such as patient volumes in a certain locality to ensure the best rates for each physician.

We enroll physicians in both government and private networks.

Out-of-Network Negotiations

Over the years, Right Medical Billing has garnered long-lasting relationships with third party re-pricing companies, such as Multiplan, Viant, GCS, and Dataisight. We know their terminology and we know all the tricks of negotiating the best rates for our clients. Out-of-network billing is the trickiest aspect of billing, and we are well-known in this industry as the experts in the field.

We protect your patients by carefully analyzing historical data based on your locality and negotiate based on the analysis. Right Medical Billing ensures that we negotiate each claim, on your behalf, as well as your patients, so that they are not stuck with a massive out-of-pocket expense.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships Over 25 Years

Understanding the ins and outs of these contracts is key to maximizing your reimbursements. By understanding these contracts, you can help prevent denials and help your revenue cycle to operate smoothly. It is also essential in giving you correct and timely reimbursements. We handle all the nuances that are involved in the contracting process. These can include defining and explaining the provider’s reimbursements, arrangements for delivering healthcare services to patients, and more. We will also take care of the negotiations that result in the best rates.

Contracts and keeping up with various insurance companies is another daunting task in your revenue cycle management. It is essential to make sure your contracts give you the best rates. With proper compensation, you can better care for your patients and provide them with the care they need. It directly affects your financial growth.

By being a part of these networks, your pool of patients increases dramatically. Patients search for health care providers within their network, due to high healthcare costs. It is a way to be available to more patients across your service area.
However, depending on the network or the plan, the low rates for patients may come out of your pocket. Therefore, it is essential to negotiate well when creating your contracts, because the more that comes out of your pocket when providing the service means, the less you can put into your patient care. Patient care is your priority and ensuring the best results in your revenue stream is ours.

Contact Right Medical Billing to develop long-lasting relationships with your chosen insurance companies. You can give us a call today at 281-864-0448.

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