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Freestanding ERs have become widely popular, especially in Texas, because it increases the access of healthcare to communities. Freestanding ERs provide a much-needed resource to communities but are tricky to bill for. Right Medical Billing is an expert in out-of-network billing and have the specific knowledge that other billing companies do not have.

We can help you increase in cash flow and minimize rejections on claims by automating your billing with coding and payers regulations. Right Medical Billing has proven strategies on out of network negotiations. We can help connect you with the right people and get your reimbursements.

We will also research and analyze historical data from the area to find proper pricing and rates. All our research is based on locality to make sure we are providing patients with the best rates and you with the best reimbursement. This is because the supply and demand are different for each area. By researching the historical data of the area, we are better able to meet the expected price for both the patient and for you.

When it comes to billing, it is all about the connection. Out of network claims can be challenging for may staff members. Since Right Medical Billing has developed strategies, we are able to provide you with the best rates.

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There are many benefits to making the switch to Right Medical Billing. You will get to see the benefits of our relationships in the field. Our services and results are unmatched when it comes to billing. Allow us to help you increase your cash flow and patient flow by freeing up resources and providing feedback. Give us a call today at (281)-864-0448 for your consultation.

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