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A broad range of “Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services” is just a quick internet search away. Not all medical billing companies are designed the same, however. When you work in the area of health care and are searching for billing and payment services, Right Medical Billing is the business for you.

Right Medical Billing is headed by Humaira Qureshi, an authority on medical billing and coding. Being a doctor herself, she knows a physician’s tiring duties. Consequently, her goal is to remove your financial management pressure.

Our company is specialized in coding and medical billing. Our medical billing and coding specialists are in charge of monitoring the revenue process. Customers frequently mention two exceptional properties regarding Qureshi and her company: convenience and knowledge. You will never feel like you are dealing with a big medical billing firm and are just another number with Right Medical Billing.

Additionally, each client is assigned one exclusive team member, who is extremely competent and open to any client questions or concerns. Right Medical Billing has a team of experts in billing and coding with over 25 years of combined industry experience. In the end, we are sure we will get your facility back on track.

Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services

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Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services

The medical profession is, no doubt, important to society. Sometimes, however, the job is hectic. Some of the roles doctors have to perform are tiresome and time-consuming. Medical centers today also face general patient treatment, as well as other back-end duties.

Additionally, the amount of work it takes to stay on top of everything can easily get overwhelming. Thus, Right Medical Billing provided a solution that allows for less burden on the medical staff. By outsourcing your billing and collection responsibilities to us, you will see a major productivity increase in your office.

Sometimes, this job has been left to those who run the front desk, or it is passed on to an in-house billing department. While these two approaches are very popular, they aren’t the most cost-efficient and effective techniques. Assigning these tasks to the front desk will place a tremendous burden on them, and it’s expensive to maintain an in-office staff.

Our medical billers and medical coders are experts in this field because of our high-set standards. We take pride in our accuracy and timely reimbursements. If you outsource us to perform these things for you, your employees and patients will be grateful for that.

How Right Medical Billing Can Serve You

One of the easiest ways of calculating a company’s worth is by what it can provide. We are more than just your regular billing company. At Right Medical Billing, we believe our services represent that. As you evolve we work constantly with you and your office. Not to mention, we can customize our services to fit whatever your needs are.

Complete Patient Billing

There are plenty of different medical centers throughout the Houston, TX area. As a result, in medical practice, there are always people to see and work to be done. Patient billing is a huge part of that work. Through us, we will handle the task of complete patient billing for you.

While we are transposing your medical records, we will also mail statements, collect dues, and respond to patient inquiries. Your patients can anticipate having a direct line of contact with us to help them with any of their billing needs. Furthermore, because we are supervising the billing cycle and revenue cycle management, it reduces the manpower your facility would need otherwise.

Comprehensive Chart Auditing

Chart auditing is crucial because it ensures that you are up-to-date and in compliance with constantly changing rules and regulations. While having the proper documentation is an excellent source of revenue, having outdated or incorrect charts could cause denied claims.

Insurance companies do not make it easy to be repaid for the valuable services your facility provides to your community. This service will help keep you up to date on the codes for procedures and to show the effectiveness of the care provided. These audits will keep you operating smoothly and enhance your revenue stream.

Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services

Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services.

Improving Health Care Facilities

If you are looking for measurable achievements and results, then Right Medical Billing is the company for you. Our business operates on dedication, transparency, and excellent service. We are confident that what we offer will be of benefit to your healthcare establishment.

More Revenue From Each Patient Visit

Our team will help to improve your revenue retention for each patient visit. Most billing companies will not do more than the minimum when it comes to advancing your business. Nevertheless, with us, you will see otherwise. Nationwide statistics show that only 70% of insurance claims are paid by insurance carriers. However, we can increase that to 98%.

Outsourcing your billing saves time and money. Overwhelming your office staff with invoice duties can make it a challenge to maintain a steady flow of patients. Let us help you alleviate that burden.

Getting Your Time Back

Your passion is to heal. We desire to help you grow. Right Medical Billing decreases your operational expenses by reducing overhead, your need for billing software, and wages. However, our team of highly skilled professionals is there so you are better able to put back into what matters most—your patients.

Optimizing Your Office Potential

We can help you save time and produce more revenue, allowing you to administer higher quality care to your patients. Right Medical Billing takes satisfaction in helping our clients grow. We aim to be well-known within the networks, which allows us to demonstrate our client’s needs and get them the outcomes they want. Visit our location to learn more. 

Unlike other billing companies, our quality of service does not diminish over time. We continue to fight for your interests because the job physicians do is vital. Our team is confident in the results that we can offer to you. Don’t settle for an average billing company that is not interested in your goals as a business. Call Right Medical Billing today at (800)-508-4686 and never search for “Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services” again.

Katy TX Best Medical Billing and Coding Services

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Fun Facts About Katy, TX

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  • The first Katy Rice Harvest Festival took place in 1981.
  • Hundreds of geese migrate through Katy TX every year. Check them out at Mary Jo Peckham.
  • There are several preserved historical buildings you can tour that survived the 1900 hurricane.
  • Katy’s name comes from the “K-T Railroad.”
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