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Right Medical Billing is offering our Katy TX coronavirus billing services. COVID 19 reminded us of what everyone in the medical community already knew: our jobs are hectic. But an emergency like this compounds it to the umpteenth degree. Tasks like coding and billing suddenly seem overwhelming. But they cannot fall by the wayside. Having a backup team with you in times of crisis like this is necessary.

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

No one likes to talk about a medical profession like it is a business. However, to stay open, we have to remain financially viable. This takes expert coding, billing, and a careful eye on your end-to-end revenue cycle. And you cannot afford something like the coronavirus to upend your practice.

Epidemics are not the only experience healthcare facilities have with this kind of power, though. Every new cycle of healthcare reform and the latest round of insurance regulations starts us at square one. Medical coders and billers have to relearn their systems. On top of all that, technology has kept hospital bookkeeping in constant flux. Outsourcing with medical biller specialists is an excellent way to solve the issue. From then on out, you have a team whose sole role is to keep up with all these changes.

About Us

Humaira Qureshi, a medical practitioner herself, founded Right Medical Billing. From her experience in healthcare, she became familiar with the many stresses in the industry. She knows the struggle of trying to run a practice while having to keep up with coding and billing. She has now built up a team of experts in medical billing to take these responsibilities off your hands.

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

We have the right plan for you!

Our services mostly go toward hospital groups, micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and private practices. Self-owned, smaller, or newer facilities might see a greater need for outsourcing these services with us. Otherwise, large hospitals have a greater ability to hire coders and billers in-house, but they miss on our firm’s benefits.

Right Medical Coronavirus Billing Services

  • Training and Consultation of Staff
  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Comprehensive Chart Audits
  • Complete Patient Billing
  • End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management

What Makes Us Different

Right Medical Billing has gained a reputation as the “clean up” billing provider. From our experience in the profession, we have become acutely aware of the problems people encounter with outsourcing. Many billers will do the bare minimum work for their clients. Then, they will still collect their pay at the end of the year. Unfortunately, this is where we have to come in.

Our first step with you is asking what left you dissatisfied with your last provider. From there, we will conduct our audit of your finances. Usually, we will find that careless errors on your previous medical billers left a whole in your practice’s revenue.

Because we know that this is an issue, we do our best to be a Katy TX coronavirus billing firm you can trust. We encourage you to browse the testimonials from clients and see what we did for them. Our most common feedback is on our knowledge and accessibility. We are always available to you, with a person on the other line. You should always have access to your current payments, claims, and revenue stream.

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

Our agents always have your company’s best interest at heart

Why Outsource With Us

It is of utmost importance that patients’ claims get out and billed in an accurate and timely manner. Right Medical Billing, as your Katy TX coronavirus billing provider, promises to have all claims filed within 24 hours. An insurance company will take advantage of any opportunity to reject a claim with a mistake in it. This means a long resubmission process and delayed payment for your office. It will only backup the rest of the work in your office and take away from your patient care.

By outsourcing these tasks with a medical billing firm, you ensure they get done under a centralized and specialized team. We have the knowledge and expertise to get past the obstacles between healthcare facilities and insurance companies.

For example, usually, paper claims take anywhere from 30 to 60 to 90 days to turnaround. With our 24-hour filing promise and our electronic submission process, we reduce this number to 14 days at the most. Also, paper claims can cost a facility between $8.00 to $10.00 each, and we get this cost down by 50% or more. Finally, insurance providers reject and suspend a whopping 30% of submissions. With our team and chart audits, we manage to reduce this to 2-3% for a 98% accuracy rate.

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

Not only did the coronavirus bring an influx of hectic work to medical practitioners, but the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has released new guidelines to deal with helping the large population affected by the disease. The CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has developed new methods, as well, for validating COVID patients’ bills.

Katy TX Coronavirus Billing

For billing services you can trust, call us today.

On March 10th, 2020, they developed the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System code U0001 for laboratories using the RT-PCR Diagnostic Test Panel. Meanwhile, healthcare facilities that use in-house developed COVID-19 diagnostic tests should use their HCPCS U0002 to draw up bills. As of April 1st, we have been able to bill these to Medicare and other health insurers using these codes. This includes every coronavirus case from February 4th. Payment amounts for claims will be determined by local Medicare Administrative Contractors for their jurisdictions.

As you can see, the CDC and CMS did their best to adjust the national healthcare system for the new influx of patients. It is our job to help them execute this plan. Unfortunately, healthcare providers need to adapt quickly to use the new HCPCS codes for their billing. Right Medical can take care of this concern for you.

If you see how our Right Medical Billing can benefit your medical facility, then you should contact us right away. We can get started on your audit and your previous and ongoing coronavirus services. For our Katy TX coronavirus billing, call us at (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com.

Katy Texas Fun Facts

  • The first Katy Rice Festival took place in 1981.
  • Katy’s name comes from the old “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • We have statues of geese, representing the hundreds of wild birds that migrate here every year.
  • We have ten parks, including Mary Jo Peckham and Heritage Park, known for its restored buildings.
  • For more on Katy, visit http://cityofkaty.com.
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