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Right Medical Billing provides Katy TX medical billing and coding for your out-of-network clients. But this is only a small part of our service. We want you to consider us an extension of your business plan. For all health practitioners, the coding and billing processes are of the utmost importance to receive payments for your services. Unfortunately, this can be the most overlooked or most complicated task for smaller practices. Luckily, Right Medical Billing specializes in working for beginning, smaller, and self-owned practices.Katy TX Medical Billing and Coding

About Us

An expert in medical billing and coding, Humaira Qureshi, runs Right Medical Billing. She knows from her own work as a physician the exasperating ancillary tasks that come with the job. Because of the complications that come with medical codes and health insurance, health practices need financial management specific to them. For this, Humaira has pulled together a team of certified billers and coders.

We aid free-standing emergency rooms, micro-hospitals, urgent care facilities, hospital groups, and private practice. While large hospital networks can hire medical coders and billing workers in-house, this is more difficult for smaller practices. Plus, in a smaller practice, doing the work in-house can become more expensive.

Our services do not stop at Katy TX medical billing and coding, though. Right Medical Billing helps clinics with startup, business management, and billing. When we sign on with your practice, we take care of as much as the transactions and paperwork between clients as possible. This way, you can focus on your job as a health practitioner.

Katy TX Medical Billing and Coding

Katy TX Medical Billing Services.

Right Medical Billing works as your in-between with your clients and their insurance providers. We make it so that you do not miss any passed over reimbursements or payments. We file, bill, and process all claims in a timely 24 hours. Because of the constantly changing rules and regulations behind health practice and insurance, having a team of trained professionals at your side saves you from seeing essential income. We take care of you from an end-to-end revenue cycle.

Our Medical Billing Services

Our company’s primary service is our Katy TX medical billing and coding, the keystone of any medical practice’s financial health. Mistakes in this process add up and cut into income. For example, an error in a claim can cause an insurance company to reject it. This mistake forces you into a long resubmission process, causing a delay in your payment.

But as previously stated, we provide more than medical billing and collection. With us, our staff will make sure your practice receives:

  • Credentialing
  • Complete patient billing
  • Comprehensive chart auditing
  • Contracting
  • Training and consultation for healthcare providers
  • Revenue cycle management

Credentialing and Contracting

We manage your revenue cycle from scratch, to grow, and up. Having us by your side, taking care of the numbers and paper, streamlines your productivity and workflow. We can, for instance, help by educating your staff and making sure they comply with regulations. On top of leaving the tedious tasks to our billing and coding specialists who are educated, we also cover all personal interfaces.

Right Medical forms and maintains contracts with your patients’ insurance, making sure your contracts are up to date. When starting a new practice, it is crucial to form contracts and credentials with in-network insurance companies quickly. Credentialing ensures that you achieve and maintain a good relationship with insurance providers so that you can receive the best rates. All this is necessary to build a client base. The more insurances you are affiliated with, the more clients you can have because they can go to you.

While our contracting and credentials get you in-network with insurance providers, our medical billing continues to maintain these transactions. But we also handle all parts of transactions with your out-of-network patients. As many starting out and established practices can tell you, medical billing and coding are full-time jobs each. To handle all your payments, reimbursements, and your clients’ claims, you keep access to our team 24/7.

What Makes Us Stand Out

The first thing we make a priority is to get things in a timely and accurate manner. We promise to have all insurance and patient claims billed within 24 hours. Allowing a claim to get behind takes time away from your practice and piles up the rest of the paperwork. Keeping every claim sliding in and running out the door makes sure your practice never loses any revenue.

We cover everything, and we center our business around running Katy TX medical billing and coding services efficiently. Because we take care of all your billing and business in-betweens, we are cheaper than an in-house team. By choosing to outsource your billing with us, you save in your bottom line on salary, technology, and overall, promising grand overall savings.

We personalize our services to every client. Humaira Qureshi knows the problem with outsourcing. Medical billing companies come in and do the bare minimum for their paycheck at the end of your revenue cycle. But we have become known as the clean-up biller because of our free audits. We ask you what you did not like about your previous billing service provider. Then, we get to the bottom of where your revenue is going.

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Right Medical Billing is an extension of your staff!

The most common feedback from our clients is about our knowledge and accessibility. We make a point to understand our practitioners and their work. This way, we can better help with your healthcare practices according to your preferences. We answer quickly with a human always on the other side.

After a bad old medical billing and coding provider, we are here to give you the efficient and excellent after-sale service you deserved from the beginning. Read our clients’ testimonials to see how we turned their practice around.


  • Friend of TAFEC (Texas Association of Free-Standing Emergency Centers)
  • Member of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce since 2016
  • Featured in Katy Magazine
  • Partners with Sevocity with our Electronic Health Records
  • Member of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders)
  • A G&A Partner
  • Partner with Preeminent Technology
  • Altumed’s Billing Software

Katy TX Medical Billing and Coding

Perhaps now more than ever, it is easy to see how complicated medical billing and coding has become. Translating all of it truly takes a team behind you. As we saw with every wave of healthcare reform, every practices’ system has to be changed and relearned. Technology will always have the process changing on its head. And COVID-19 is making things more hectic than ever. To keep you in the room with your patient, having us work on the paperwork separately will go a long way.

Another reason to get in contact with Right Medical Billing is we are highly accessible. Reach out to our location to find out. To try out our Katy TX medical billing and coding services and see what it can do for you, you should call (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com.

Katy Texas Fun Facts

  • The first Katy Rice Festival was in 1981.
  • Our name comes from the old “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • Katy’s statues of gees are of the hundreds of wild birds that migrate here every year.
  • We have ten parks, including Mary Jo Peckham and Heritage Park, known for its restored buildings.
  • For more on Katy, visit http://cityofkaty.com.
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