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Do you find yourself searching for “Katy TX medical billing companies near me” and being met with an overwhelming number of responses? If so, there is no need to be stressed. Right Medical Billing is the perfect company to oversee your needs.

The medical practice already carries a heavy burden. However, some of that stress can be alleviated through us. Virtually, Right Medical Billing services would handle the back end of your responsibilities so that you can get back to doing what you love: providing excellent health care.

It is essential to assign this work to a team that can get the jobs done in a timely and accurate manner. You will see that by hiring us, a significant amount of stress is taken off of your shoulders. Right Medical Billing proudly serves the greater Houston, TX, area.

We handle everything from medical billing and coding, complete patient billing, and managing your revenue cycle. These are just a few of the essential tasks that healthcare providers must do. However, having a specialist who is educated and able to take care of these things will help to put you at ease.

Katy TX Medical Billing Companies Near Me

Katy TX Medical Billing Companies Near Me

Katy TX Medical Billing Companies Near Me

One of the most beneficial services we provide to clients that are appealing is our coding, billing, and collection services. Our billing and coding specialists are some of the best and most accurate in the field. Thus, for such an important task, it is better to be safer rather than sorry.

Having a system in place that runs efficiently for these things is vital because, if done correctly, it can yield great rewards. However, coding and billing are not necessarily easy jobs. On the contrary, it can be time-consuming. In the health profession, your time is significant.

Delegating expenses to an in-house accounts receivable department can be costly. We take care of these things for you so that facility resources are saved, and patient flow is restored. Here is a brief list of why you should choose our services:

  • Filed claims in a timely manner
  • Full transparency with processing and data
  • Complete patient billing
  • Contract negotiations with insurance companies
  • Customizable solutions for your facility
  • More affordable than an in-house team

The great thing about partnering with us is that you are extending your staff at no extra overhead cost. Because we are an extension of your team, we want to see you thrive.

The Benefits of Choosing Right Medical Billing

The billing process can be challenging for healthcare professionals. However, it is a critical function in making sure that resources are available to provide to patients. Thus, our team works hard to ensure that our services are able to benefit our medical professionals.

Many payment companies will not do more than the minimum when it comes to expanding your medical center. With Right Medical Billing, we are more than just another billing company. While national statistics show that only 70% of insurance claims are paid by insurance carriers, we can increase that to 98%.

Our goal at Right Medical Billing is to become a part of your team. Part of that means that we help you increase your income and appease your front desk staff of the time-consuming billing assignments. Adopting a structure such as this may seem small or insignificant, but you would be mistaken. Your employees, as well as your patients, will notice the difference at the office, and thank you for it.

All of the responsibilities you give to us are taken care of in a timely manner. With a staff of over 150 team members, we stay on top of filing claims, pursuing appeals, and more. With Right Medical Billing on your side, you can rest assured that the accuracy rate is of getting your claims accepted is higher than any other option out there. Our company aspires to reduce the rejection rate to 2-3% and up the accuracy rate to 98%.

Katy TX Medical Billing Companies Near Me

Right Medical Billing is a company that is committed to the growth and function of medical facilities.

Lending A Helping Hand

There are a lot of things to ponder when it comes to selecting the appropriate medical billing company. For example, it is pivotal to guarantee that a business’ medical coders are up to par. This is a fundamental role that would be performing an essential function for your healthcare facility.

There are many components to the medical profession that are vital to keeping things running smoothly. However, the healthcare field is already quite busy. With tasks such as patient care, charting, and procedures, things can quickly become hectic. Our hardworking healthcare professionals don’t need anything else, slowing them down.

We will take these responsibilities over so that you can get back to the things that truly matter. Right Medical Billing will work hard to see your office thrive because when you do well, we do well. Thus, we all reap the rewards of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Katy TX Medical Billing Companies Near Me

We provide a wide variety of helpful services to you.

Give Right Medical Billing A Call

In conclusion, as you grow, we grow. Our goal is for your facility to grow in revenue, by accurately coding your services and billing in a timely manner. Our success is based on how well you do. Together, we can create a mutually beneficial partnership.

We aggressively seek a return on your behalf. Let Right Medical Billing serve you by calling us at (800)-508-4686 or visiting us online. Our team is eager to help you on the path to better business. We promise that once you see what we can offer to you, you won’t be disappointed. Right Medical Billing is the Katy TX Billing and Coding Medical.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX

  • Including Heritage and Mary Jo Peckham Parks, Katy has ten parks.
  • The first Katy Rice Harvest Festival took place in 1981.
  • Hundreds of geese migrate through Katy TX every year. Check them out at Mary Jo Peckham.
  • There are several preserved historical buildings you can tour that survived the 1900 hurricane.
  • Katy’s name comes from the “K-T Railroad.”
  • Find more about Katy here
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