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Right Medical Billing is at the lead of the Katy TX medical billing firms. When working in the medical profession, medical billing and coding can seem like distractions from your real work. However, they are essential to every healthcare facility or practice. Although we do not want to think of what we do as a business, medical billing is necessary. To keep taking care of patients, a practice has to remain financially viable.

Katy TX Medical Billing Firms

Our Medical Billing Firm

Humaira Qureshi founded Right Medical Billing. Her experience as a medical practitioner taught her firsthand the struggles behind medical coding and billing. While you are trying to run a practice, these ancillary tasks can feel like they are getting in the way of your time with patients. Qureshi has put together a team of specialists who are educated in medical coding and billing. This way, you can have that responsibility taken off your shoulders.

For the most part, we serve hospital groups, micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, private practices, and urgent care facilities all over the Houston TX area. However, we can see how new and self-owned practices would find our services most useful. Even though we serve many large hospitals, a private facility might have a greater need for outsourcing through a Katy TX medical billing firms.

Large hospitals may be able to hire billing to be done on-site, but they could still benefit through using our firm. Because billing is our sole purpose, using us will relieve you of having to worry about errors or delayed payments. We operate as an extension of your staff, but specially trained for one task. Now, you and your own team can dedicate your time to patient care.

Katy TX Medical Billing Firms

Right Medical Billing Services

Your Right Medical billers handle the entire interaction between client and insurance company. This encompasses:

  • Training and Consultation of Staff
  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Comprehensive Chart Audits
  • Complete Patient Billing
  • End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management

The whole process begins with your staff’s charts. They are not only crucial for your patients’ medical records, but we use their code to determine the cost of your services. We provide education of your staff on medical code updates through our periodic newsletter. Our audit of charts means we eliminate any errors.

On the other side of things, every beginning practice knows that their first hurdle is creating a foundational clientele. The key to this is building relationships with their insurance carriers. By forming contracts with insurance providers, more potential patients can afford to receive your services. Afterward, we maintain and negotiate these relationships to get you their best rates.

Katy TX Medical Billing Firms

What Sets Us Apart

Right Medical has gained a reputation as the “clean-up” medical billing firm. Through Qureshi’s and the rest of ours’ experience, we understand the many problems that come with outsourcing. Some firms will do the bare minimum for their clients just to collect their pay at the end of the year.

When you sign on with us, our first step is asking what left you dissatisfied with your last Katy TX medical billing firms. From there, we perform a comprehensive audit of all your finances. Unfortunately, it is too often that we find the last provider left considerable holes in the revenue stream from their negligence and carelessness.

Because of our experience with this issue, we do our best to show we are a medical billing firm that you can trust. We encourage you to go to the testimonials on our website and read the testimonials many of our clients left. The most common comments we get are on our knowledge and accessibility.

We always make a point to be available to you. Every time you call, there will be a person on the line too. We believe you should always have access to your current payments, claims, and finances. To go further, your Right Medical team gets to know you. We can better serve your practice according to your preferences by knowing what you do.

Why Outsource

Right Medical’s first promise to you as a Katy TX medical billing firms is to get all claims filed within 24 hours. Both accuracy and efficiency are important in this matter. An insurance provider will take every chance to reject a claim with an error. Afterward, you have to go through the long resubmission process, which results in a delayed payment. In return, this backs up the rest of your office’s paperwork and distracts from your patient care itself.

Katy TX Medical Billing Firms

For billing services you can trust, call us today.

The interaction billers have with insurance carriers is filled with obstacles. First off, paper claims’ turnarounds can average 30, 60, to 90 days. With our promise to file all claims in 24 hours and the electronic submission process, we reduce that number to a 14 to 18 day period.

Secondly, paper claims cost $8.00 to $10.00 each. Our method reduces this by 50% or more. Lastly, submissions are rejected or suspended by insurance providers at a rate of 30%. Our comprehensive chart audits get this all the way down to 2-3%, leaving you with a 98% accuracy.

Katy TX Medical Billing Firms

The recent coronavirus crisis that the nation and world experienced reminded those of us in the medical industry of what we already knew. Our jobs are hectic and stressful. But when an emergency like this comes up, everything gets compounded on itself. The hectic that usually passes for normal is suddenly overwhelming. And coding and billing, time spent away from patients, still have to get done. Having a backup team of billing and coding specialists to take care of these for you becomes a lifesaver.

On the other hand, healthcare workers always have to relearn their own work. Each new piece of healthcare reform or change in insurance regulation means reworking our billing and coding systems.  On top of that, technology has kept bookkeepers on their toes since day one. It is here that you find the advantage of outsourcing with a medical billing firm. Because we specialize in coding and billing, it is our role to keep up with all these updates.

If you see the benefits Right Medical Billing’s team can provide you, then you should contact us right away. For your Katy TX medical billing firms, call (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com.

Katy Texas Fun Facts

  • The first Katy Rice Festival was in 1981.
  • Our name comes from the old “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • Katy’s statues of geese are of the hundreds of wild birds that migrate here every year.
  • We have ten parks, including Mary Jo Peckham and Heritage Park, known for its restored buildings.
  • For more on Katy, visit http://cityofkaty.com.


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