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Katy TX medical billing outsourcing is more of a common practice than what most people realize. It can often be cheaper than maintaining an in-house accounts receivable department. If you are someone who is looking for medical billing outsourcing, then Right Medical Billing is the perfect company for you.

Katy, Texas, is home to some of the most dedicated and well-known healthcare facilities in all of Houston. The health care industry is a heavily sought after profession. However, patient care is always the number one priority. Our billing specialists work hard to alleviate burdens so that you can return to what’s important: quality health care.

Right Medical Billing is a billing and coding company seeking to assist those in the medical practice. Amongst other things, we address complete patient billing, chart auditing, management solutions, and revenue cycle management. Our goal is to help medical facilities function at their optimal level.

Having an expert team that can manage these essential jobs for you is invaluable. Our medical billers are professionals who are ready and eager to address all of your business’ needs. Through us, no stone is left unturned. We will work diligently to get your office back on track.

Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing

Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing.

Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing

Traditionally, many medical offices will have an in-house department that deals with medical billing services. However, this can be very expensive to maintain. By outsourcing these same responsibilities to our team, you are saving overhead costs, as well as other benefits.

Ensuring that medical billing and coding are being executed accurately is vital to your business. It is proper billing and coding that will ensure that reimbursement is on time. Mistakes in this process will cause delays, which is frustrating to both medical personnel and patients.

Our billing and coding services are second-to-none. Clients that utilize our services are amazed at how we can address and fix many of their office issues. Many of these tasks can be very time-consuming and draining, which takes away from providing quality care. We will help you save money, time, and resources.

Medical businesses deserve the best when it comes to ensuring that they can operate smoothly. Right Medical Billing is here to provide that service. We tailor our services to address whatever needs any particular office has. We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients and their patients have everything they need to thrive.

More About Our Services Provided

Right Medical Billing is dedicated to giving clients plenty of services to choose from. Furthermore, we see to it that you succeed through whatever service choices you make. Our team is eager to help you make and retain more money, as well as other great perks. You will be happy that you brought us on.

Our company handles contracting, which involves negotiating with insurance companies. This is a popular service because it can help to expand your facility and draw more clients. We are aggressive negotiators who know and understand the jargon insurance providers use. We will fight in the interest of you and your client.

Another great thing we provide is credentialing services. Credentialing is one of the keys to forming a successful clinic. However, there are plenty of rules and regulations. Additionally, it will lay the foundation for relationships with insurance companies, as well as patients. Right Medical Billing obtains and negotiates contracts with insurance providers, as well as taking on the responsibility of making sure your facility’s contracts with insurance carriers are up-to-date.

Complete patient billing is another convenient service that clients can get from us. This entails translating your medical records, mailing statements, collecting dues, and answering patient questions. It is hard to run a successful office if your staff is overwhelmed by having to do these things; With us, they will no longer have to.

Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing

Allow us to become your financial partner.

Understanding Our Benefit

Right Medical Billing has everything you need to streamline your workflow and grow your revenue. By choosing the right medical billing company, you can better allocate your human and financial resources more effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that outsourcing with Right Medical Billing can offer you and your team:

Increased Focus on Patient Care

Although all of the little nuances that go into medical care are vital to the industry, the most important thing is patient care. Right Medical Billing will help you increase revenue flow and patient satisfaction. We help you better cover all of your bases accurately and efficiently so that you can return to doing what you love.

Reduced Administrative Duties

In many cases, the in-house staff that would handle the tasks previously stated are those at the front desk. Not to mention, this method is more pricey and time-consuming. By outsourcing these responsibilities, you will find that your administrative staff is less stressed.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Right Medical Billing can boost your revenue potential by as much as 30%. Our revenue cycle management team is second-to-none, and they will work tirelessly to make sure you are getting all the financial resources you need to run smoothly. We build clean claims, and our claim acceptance rate is 99.9%. Additionally, we save you money by reducing claim processing intervals, sending daily billing and follow-ups on already billed claims, and sending out clean claims right away.

Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing

Don’t overburden your staff. Contact Right Medical Billing!

Contact Us To Get Started Today!

In conclusion, we want to do as best of a job for you as possible, because when you grow, we grow. Our aim is for your facility to expand in revenue by accurately coding your services and billing promptly. Our success is based on how well you do. Together, we believe that we can create a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.

We will aggressively seek a return on your behalf. Let Right Medical Billing serve you by calling us at (800)-508-4686 or visiting us online. Our team is eager to help you on the path to a better functioning business. We promise that once you see what we can offer to you, you won’t be disappointed. Right Medical Billing is the Katy TX Medical Billing Outsourcing company that you have been searching for.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX

  • Including Heritage and Mary Jo Peckham Parks, Katy has ten parks.
  • The first Katy Rice Harvest Festival took place in 1981.
  • Hundreds of geese migrate through Katy TX every year. Check them out at Mary Jo Peckham.
  • There are several preserved historical buildings you can tour that survived the 1900 hurricane.
  • Katy’s name comes from the “K-T Railroad.”
  • Find more about Katy here.
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