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A wide variety of Katy TX medical billing service companies are only a brief internet search away. However, not all medical billing businesses are built the same. If you are working in the health care field and are looking for billing and collection services, Right Medical Billing is the company for you.

Right Medical Billing is led by an expert in medical billing and coding, Humaira Qureshi. As a physician herself, she knows the tiring responsibilities of a physician. Thus, her intent is to eliminate your strain regarding financial management.

Our company specializes in medical billing and coding. Our team of billing specialists is responsible for overseeing your revenue cycle. Clients often mention two exceptional properties about Qureshi and her company: convenience and information. With Right Medical Billing, you will never feel like you are working with a large medical billing company and just another number.

Furthermore, we assign one exclusive team member to each client, who is highly knowledgeable and accessible for any client questions or concerns. Right Medical Billing has a team of billing and coding specialists who have a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry. Ultimately, we are confident that we can get your facility back on track.

Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies

Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies.

Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies

There is no doubt that the medical practice is essential to society. However, the job is often hectic. Many of the tasks physicians must perform are tedious and time-consuming. Nowadays, medical centers are often facing general patient care, as well as other obligations on the back end.

The amount of effort it takes to stay on top of everything can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, Right Medical Billing created a solution that allows medical personnel to be less stressed. By outsourcing your billing and collection responsibilities to us, you will see a major productivity increase in your office.

Many times, this work left to those who manage the front desk, or it is passed along to an in-house billing department. Although both of these methods are very common, they are not the most effective and cost-efficient techniques. Assigning the front desk these duties can put significant stress on them, and maintaining an in-office department is costly.

Because of our high-set standards, our medical billers are experts in this industry. We pride ourselves on our detailed accuracy and timely reimbursements. When you outsource through us to manage these tasks for you, your staff and your patients will thank you for it.

What We Can Do For You

One of the best ways to measure the value of a business is by what it can provide to you. At Right Medical Billing, we are more than just your average billing company, and we believe that our services reflect that. We work with you and your office continuously as you grow. Not to mention, we can tailor our services to suit your needs as a facility.


The act of contracting involves negotiating with insurance companies. This is an essential skill because not only does it ensure that your contracts with insurance carriers are updated, but it can also expand your facility. It is vital to make sure you have an aggressive negotiator in your corner that will fight for you and your interests.

Right Medical Billing is an expert in dealing with insurance and patient needs. We understand all of the jargon and methods that they will use. Through proper negotiation, you will surely see higher reimbursement rates.

Managing Workflow and Training

A substantial part of being in the health care field is having to keep up with continually changing rules and regulations. One of the great things about Right Medical Billing is that we have a team that keeps explicitly up with those changes. We can educate your staff so that you are always in compliance.

By staying ahead of the curve with training, we mainly help you to streamline your offices’ workflow and increase productivity. Overall, our desire is for you to think of us as an extension of your staff.

Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies

Take the stress off of your team by contacting Right Medical Billing.

Benefits We Know You’ll Love

It is important to us that our clients can measure the results that we bring to them. Thus, we pride ourselves on transparency. There are amazing benefits that come with partnering with us. We put our clients and their patients first because when you succeed, we do as well.

Increased Revenue From Each Patient Visit

Our team will help to improve your revenue retention for each patient visit. Most billing companies will not do more than the minimum when it comes to advancing your business. Nevertheless, with us, you will see otherwise. Nationwide statistics show that only 70% of insurance claims are paid by insurance carriers. However, we can increase that to 98%.

Outsourcing your billing saves time and money. Overwhelming your office staff with invoice duties can make it a challenge to maintain a steady flow of patients. Let us help you alleviate that burden.

Total Practice Billing Compliance

Right Medical Billing stays on top of your documentation and guarantees that we are not engaging in unacceptable billing methods, such as duplicate billing, billing for services not rendered, billing for services without medical necessity, and accurate documentation.

If we believe your office is engaging in these practices, we quickly correct the issue and ensure your facility is following all compliance laws and regulations.

Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies

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Unlike other billing companies, our quality of service does not diminish over time. We continue to fight for your interests because the job physicians do is vital. Our team is confident in the results that we can offer to you. Don’t settle for an average billing company that is not interested in your goals as a business. Call Right Medical Billing today at (800)-508-4686 and never search for “Katy TX Medical Billing Service Companies” again.

We can help you save time and produce more revenue, allowing you to administer higher quality care to your patients. We take satisfaction in helping our clients grow. Our aim is to be well-known within the networks, which allows us to demonstrate our client’s needs and get them the outcomes they want.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX

  • Including Heritage and Mary Jo Peckham Parks, Katy has ten parks.
  • The first Katy Rice Harvest Festival took place in 1981.
  • Hundreds of geese migrate through Katy TX every year. Check them out at Mary Jo Peckham.
  • There are several preserved historical buildings you can tour that survived the 1900 hurricane.
  • Katy’s name comes from the “K-T Railroad.”
  • Find more about Katy here.
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