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Right Medical Billing is providing our Katy TX outsource medical billing to healthcare facilities in the area. For all health practitioners, coding and medical billing are essential. Even though they feel like ancillary tasks, no medical practice can remain open and see clients without it. To help our patients, our revenue stream needs to function properly. Outsourcing this to the experts in this field is the way to go.Katy TX Outsource Medical Billing

About Us

Our founder and owner, Humaira Qureshi, was a medical practitioner herself in Pakistan. From her experience, she knows the stresses of running a practice. Right Medical’s goal is to take the task of financial management off your shoulders, so you can focus on what we are here for, patient care.

Right Medical mostly serves micro-hospitals, hospital groups, urgent care facilities, emergency facilities, free-standing ERs, and private practices. It is smaller, self-owned, and new medical practices that usually find our services ideal. However, we, of course, can and do serve hospitals of all sizes. We know that some have a greater necessity, though.

For instance, some larger hospital systems have hired their own in-house coders and billers. But there are still advantages for them to use our Katy TX outsource medical billing. We represent a company centralized around billing. Our team is professionally trained and solely focused on this task alone. And we cover the entire patient and insurance transaction for you. This way, the total payment and revenue review process is taken off your hands.

Our Affiliations

  • A G&A Partner
  • Partners with Preeminent Technology
  • AltuMED’s Billing Software
  • Partners with Sevocity for our Electronic Health Records
  • A Friend of TAFEC (Texas Association of Free-Standing Emergency Centers)
  • Featured in Katy Magazine
  • A Member of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce since 2016

Katy TX Outsource Medical Billing

Our Medical Billing Services

We are the middle-man between your patient and their insurance provider. But we, of course, get involved before that.

The importance of the coding and billing process running smoothly and efficiently cannot be understated. It is Right Medical Billing’s team of specialists of billers and coders’ promise to you is to have all your patients’ claims filed within 24 hours.

  • Training and Consultation
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Contracting and Credentialing Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive Chart Audits

Our services include educating your training staff on the current medical code. We have a periodic newsletter with updates on code. Our team also performs regular, close audits of your charts. These charts are essential and go into your patients’ medical records and eventually reach our billing office. We use them to calculate how much your services cost. Ensuring their accuracy saves you the reimbursements and payments your worth.

Reasons to Outsource

It is imperative to get insurance claims out in an accurate and timely manner. If an error is found on an insurance claim, the insurance provider will take every chance to reject it. What follows is a long resubmission process and delayed payment for you.

Normal statistics present several alarming facts that you may already be vaguely aware of. Firstly, paper claims have turnarounds of anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Through electronic submissions, we reduce this number to within 14 to 18 days. And our 24-hour filing of claims promise ensures this. Doing so keeps down any outstanding receivables, saving your cashflow.Katy TX Outsource Medical Billing

Secondly, filing insurance claims cost medical practices an average of $8.00 to $10.00 each. We reduce these by 50% or more. Additionally, statistics present a 30% suspension or rejection rate from insurance companies for paper claims. With our electronic submissions and our close audits that increase accuracy, we can reduce this to 2-3% and achieve a 98% accuracy rate. Delayed payments mean you or your medical staff will have to wrestle with backed-up paperwork and even lose time with your patients.

Lastly, with all these delayed payments and errors that insurance carriers can take advantage of, only 70% of claims ever get paid. This hurts your patients, and eventually, you. All that we do increases this number to 98%.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Right Medical Billing has become known as the cleanup Katy TX outsource medical billing and coding company. We have become all too aware of the issues with outsourcing companies. Too many we come after did the bare minimum for their clients and collected their pay at the end of the revenue cycle. When we start with you, the first thing we do is ask what dissatisfied you about your last provider. From there, we perform a full and thorough audit, where we frequently find how their negligence costed you.

Katy TX Outsource Medical Billing

Reduce billing errors and increase cash flow.

By looking through our clients’ testimonials, you can read what we have done for them. Hopefully, you can find that we are hands you can put your trust in. The most common feedback we receive is about our knowledge and accessibility. We are always on call for you, so you know what we are doing and how your revenue stream is. Your medical billing outsourcing company also makes a point to get to know the practitioners they work with. That way, we perform with an understanding of your preferences.

Katy TX Outsource Medical Billing

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated and shown us what we all already knew. Working in the healthcare industry is hectic. And the paperwork and clerical work that comes along with it makes it more difficult. It is difficult when it comes to outbreaks like the coronavirus not to become overwhelmed by the sudden influx. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep up with what tasks are usually normal. Having a team behind you in these times of crisis to manage the work behind the scenes is the necessary lifesaver.

However, we are also familiar with events like these that throw us for a loop. Every new wave of health care reform or change in insurance rules and regulations means that our staff has to change the way they do things. Each time, our hospitals and practices need an entirely new routine. Plus, ever-evolving technology always has us relearning our coding and billing methods. By hiring an outsourced staff that focuses on these tasks alone, you have people that are always in the loop and responsible for knowing these changes.

If you see how Right Medical Billing’s Katy TX outsource medical billing can help your practice or hospital, then contact us by calling (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com.

Katy Texas Fun Facts

  • The first Katy Rice Festival was in 1981.
  • Our name comes from the old “K-T Railroad” that runs through the city.
  • Katy’s statues of gees are of the hundreds of wild birds that migrate here every year.
  • We have ten parks, including Mary Jo Peckham and Heritage Park, known for its restored buildings.
  • For more on Katy, visit http://cityofkaty.com.
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