Right Medical Billing is here to provide medical billing services in texas and to help local practitioners, freestanding ERs and Micro-hospitals to increase revenue. We do so through the reduction of claim processing intervals, daily billing, daily follow-ups on already-billed claims, in addition to sending clean claims promptly.

Our specialty lies in out-of-network billing, which helps freestanding ERs and Micro-hospitals. With that being said, you need a company with specialized knowledge of payor negotiation, which is where we come in.

We negotiate aggressively on our client’s behalf, thus increasing the company’s revenue, all while you focus on what matters most, the quality of your services. We’ll be with you throughout the whole process, from the moment that the patient walks through the door to the insurance companies.

Your Financial Partner

Extend your staff and provide optimal care for your patients. Right Medical Billing has everything you need to streamline your success and get your more revenue each cycle.

So, take the burden off your staff by contacting us. We are more than just another billing company. We are your financial partner. Our goal is to help you grow and improve your business because when you grow, we grow.

Billing is an essential aspect of your business. However, so is caring for your patients. Build a team that can do more by implementing our services.

We strive to become a part of your team and build long term relationships that will bolster your revenue cycle. Our success is determined by the success of you and your staff. Therefore, growing your revenue is our number one priority.

See the benefits of outsourcing by giving us a call today. Contacting Right Medical Billing can save your time and money, plus improving the productivity of your staff. When the production of your staff increases, then so does your patient satisfaction. Start improving the allocation of your resources with the help of our team.