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These acute care facilities require expert negotiators. Thankfully, Right Medical Billing has proven strategies that will minimize rejections and increase cash flow for our micro-hospitals. Expertly staying abreast of all regulatory changes made by the State and negotiating aggressively on your behalf, Right Medical Billing ensures that your micro-hospital will not only grow but remain consistent in their revenue returns.

Our relationships allow us to negotiate the best rates for our clients and their patients. Since we can negotiate the best rates, we can make sure that the rates are not only fair to you but to your patients as well. While your staff or a younger billing company could negotiate with out of network companies, their fledgling relationships can bring challenges.

When it comes to the health care industry, it is all about relationships. Most billing companies will struggle with out of network negotiations because they are not well known. Right Medical Billing has developed relationships with everyone in the medical billing field, allowing us to secure you the best rates.

We also research the supply and demand of your medical services for that area. Our research is based on local historical data, so we can ensure you get the best reimbursement. This also helps your patients by making sure they are not overcharged for your services.

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Contact Right Medical Billing today at (281)-864-0448 for your consultation. There are multiple advantages to allowing us to become a part of your team. We will help you increase your cash and patient flow while also helping you to streamline your work. Our team is more than just a billing company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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