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Missouri City TX medical billing

Are you looking for Missouri City TX medical billing? Then you need to check out Right Medical Billing. These guys have a team of billing specialists that can help you improve your cash flow. They also can help you have more time for your patients. Billing and coding is an important part of the medical field because it has to do with how health care providers are reimbursed. However, it is a full-time job. It also requires a lot of attention to ensure you are in compliance with the ever-changing regulations. This makes it challenging for health care professionals because they are having to juggle getting paid while also caring for patients.

There are many places that opt for an in-house billing team. While that can have its perks, it can also have massive drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that often the billing falls on the front desk staff. The front desk staff usually has more than one task to do, which can include billing, answering the phone, and greeting patients. If billing is taking up their time, then answering the phone and greeting patients could end up coming in second or third in priorities.

While there are many professionals that are wary of outsourcing their billing, outsourcing can be a great way to grow your company. Right Medical Billing strives to be more than just another billing company. They strive to be your financial partner and an extension of your team. There are many benefits to working with Right Medical Billing. Here are some of the benefits you can find when you choose us to be your Missouri City TX medical billing.

More Focus on Patient Care

Most, if not all, health care workers got into the field to help care for patients. You probably did too. However, when you are stuck worrying about billing and coding, you may find that you aren’t spending as much time with your patients as you would like. Caring for patients is the heart of your business, so isn’t it important that you devote most of your time to that instead? But you need to get paid, right?

By delegating your medical billing and coding to Right Medical Billing, their certified medical billers will gladly take away the burden. Their goal is to keep you working with patients so you can increase your patient flow. This will bring more money in and help you to have more to invest back into your business.

Missouri City TX medical billing

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Reduces Administrative Duties

When your front desk staff is bogged down with billing, they aren’t greeting patients. This means that patients will have to wait even longer before they come in for their evaluation. That will lower patient satisfaction and cause them not to want to come back. They are already sick or hurting, waiting in an uncomfortable medical office isn’t helping them feel any better. Your patient wants to be home in bed, so getting them through as fast as possible is a priority.

However, with insurance companies tieing up the phone and front desk staff, it can be challenging to get them in. Not only is your front desk staff struggling to get the paperwork ready for new patients, but with the phones tied up, you could be missing an incoming call for an appointment. By hiring Right Medical Billing, you can make sure that your front desk staff has the time they need to focus on the patients.

Enhance Cash Flow

By switching to Right Medical Billing, you can boost your revenue as much as 30% if they assist you with your revenue cycle management. They also strive to file claims fast so you will get paid fast. All of their claims are filed within 24 hours. They also file their claims electronically, which will speed up the acceptance. When it comes to filing paper claims, it can take 30 days longer than if they are filed electronically. Right Medical Billing has a goal to make sure you get paid as quickly as possible.

Since billing and coding are the main focus of their company, they look for ways to maximize your coding. That way, you get paid more, which will increase your revenue. So not only do you get to increase your patient flow, which will increase your revenue, but you have a team that is helping you more effectively document your visits.

Missouri City TX medical billing

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Reduce Billing Errors

Having errors in documentation, coding, and other areas can hold you back from getting the reimbursements you need. Right Medical Billing has billing software that will assist them and their clients with documentation. Medical Records and their codes are what help physicians get their reimbursement. The codes talk about patients and their ailments, as well as what was done to help treat them. However, if the codes are off, then they won’t get accepted by insurance companies.

Right Medical Billing is fantastic at helping you clean up your billing and fix the documentation to improve your acceptance rate. Their team has a claim acceptance rate of 99.9% with insurance companies. This is because they are effective at auditing charts and ensuring that everything is in place before sending out the claim.

However, on the off chance that the claim isn’t accepted, they will re-work the claim and send it out again. Right Medical Billing is aggressive when it comes to seeking appeals. They won’t stop fixing the claim and sending it back until it gets accepted. So when choosing them, you can know that any claim you give them, they will get reimbursements for you—just another reason to make them your Missouri City TX medical billing.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction will increase when you free up time and resources for them. Your staff will be happier because they aren’t overburdened. They can better greet your patients and get them out of the waiting room faster. You will also have more revenue to improve your facility so you can offer them more services. All of these things play into patient satisfaction.

By choosing Right Medical Billing, you are extending your staff. Not only will you have excellent customer service on your end, but Right Medical Billing will have patient and kind customer service on their end too. If a patient calls Right Medical Billing with any billing questions, they will get the answers they need.

The Best Missouri City TX medical billing

Contact Right Medical Billing at 281-864-0448 for your consultation and demo. You also can learn more about their company by checking out their services and benefits. Allow them to become a part of your team by making them your Missouri City TX medical billing company.

Missouri City TX Fun Facts

  • This city has the first operating railroad in the state
  • The city stretched across two counties
  • Missouri City was once connected to Los Angeles via railroad
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