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Right Medical Billing is offering our Missouri City TX medical billing and coding services to small-time medical practitioners. With our partnership, our staff of billing and coding specialists become an extension of your own team. We protect your revenue and income by managing all your client and insurance interactions, making sure you never miss out on reimbursements or experience a delayed claim that gets in the way of your medical work.Missouri City TX Medical Billing and Coding

About Us

Humaira Qureshi founded and runs our company of medical billing and coding professionals. Her experience as a healthcare practitioner means she understands the difficulties that come with this part of the job. These seemingly ancillary parts of the job take away from our time with our patients. However, it is beyond important. Your coding contributes to all your patients’ medical records and health information, and they go on from there to your billing. Both are necessary for your practice to have any income and remain a viable business. Qureshi put together a team of expert billing and coders for this purpose

We commonly serve micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, hospital groups, emergency care facilities, and private practices. Self-owned, starting up, or smaller practices find our team helpful to their coding and billing tasks. But, we still work with and are more than capable of serving larger hospitals. We just know the higher needs of private practice.

Large hospital systems often hire their billing and coding work in-house. However, smaller medical practices cannot afford this. But with our Missouri City TX medical billing and coding, you are giving yourself tried and true work. By outsourcing with us, you are paying for a team that is solely focused on these tasks. Because it is our specialty, you can trust that the transactions between your clients and insurance providers are in good hands.

Right Medical Billing functions as your intermediary between client and insurance, in-network, and out-of-network. We deal with difficult players on either side. Our team’s promise to you is that we will have all your claims billed within 24 hours. Our job is to maintain your revenue cycle end-to-end, year-round.

Missouri City TX Medical Billing and Coding

Missouri City TX Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Our first job of ours is our Missouri City TX medical billing and coding, of course. It is a crucial task for any healthcare business. Billing and coding errors add up quickly and create a whole in your practice’s revenue.

Frequently, we come in after a previous medical billing provider to find things worse from simply careless errors. For example, if an insurance provider finds a mistake on a claim, they will reject it. Afterward, a long resubmission process ensues, resulting in a delayed payment on your end.

We have our specialty: billing and coding, but our help also comes up with a list of plenty of other services. The practice’s interactions with patients and insurance span much further. And each one is important in keeping one afloat. Our partnership also includes:

  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Comprehensive Chart Auditing
  • Training and Consultation for healthcare providers
  • Credentialing and Contracting

Contracts and Credentials

When a medical practice starts, their first insurmountable task is to build a client base. To do this, one needs to build relationships with insurance providers. The more patients that can afford, pay, and see you, the more a clientele you can create. The Right Medical Billing team will be in charge of getting you in-network with insurance providers. We will maintain those relationships, so you see yourself getting the best rates out there.

From there, we handle the transactions that will pass between your patients and in-network insurance companies. All medical practices are familiar with the common delinquent patient or insurance that avoids paying their share. Managing these difficulties is all about us. All your out-of-network patients will work through us as well.

Comprehensive Chart Auditing

Many clients first see us through our free audits. These usually cover shoddy work done by previous providers. We appreciate that we can help where we are needed.

However, one of our services includes regular auditing. Here, we continue to look over all bills and charts using medical code thoroughly. We treat finding you every reimbursement like looking for a needle in a haystack, to maximize accuracy and returns.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We have unfortunately become known as the clean-up billers. This is unfortunate because it means we are cleaning up after medical practices’ previous billing service providers. We start by coming in with our free audits and find the sloppy work had been costing the company. Outsourced medical billing and coding providers, far too often, do the bare minimum just to collect their paycheck at the end of the year.

Qureshi is all too familiar with this. We are here to provide you with reliable work. You can read up on the testimonials we have from our current clients. The most common characteristics they give us: knowledgeable and accessible.

In fact, transparency is one of our major priorities. We just went over how medical billing can pose a risk for small practices. By outsourcing your billing, you receive the benefits of reduced admin duties, focus more on your patient care, enhance your cash flow, reduced billing errors, secure your patients’ data, and ensuring billing compliance. However, you are also handing over control of these tasks. We are on call, with a human on the line, for when you have any questions.

Missouri City TX Medical Billing and Coding

The coronavirus has impressed upon the medical field what we already knew: healthcare work can quickly become overwhelming. Plus, all the minute details can get away from us in times of crisis. The paperwork adds or compounds our stress during this time.Missouri City TX Medical Billing and Coding

With every healthcare reform or change in insurance or medical coding, medical offices have to redo the way they order things. Also, the entire staff has to relearn the coding and process. We know how technology keeps this flux of how we do things constant.

All this is what we are here for. The changes in code and how billing is done can be taken on by us each time something rolls around. And this other team is a lifesaver in times of crisis. If you see how our Missouri City TX medical billing and coding can help your practice, call (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com. Visit our location to learn more.

Missouri City Texas Fun Facts

  • We have the first operating railroad in Texas.
  • The Freedom Tree still stands in a historical park.
  • Our city spans two counties.
  • The Missouri City Recreation and Tennis Center have over ten tennis courts.
  • For more on our city, visit https://www.missouricitytx.gov/189/City-Overview.
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