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Right Medical Billing is offering our Missouri City TX medical billing services to healthcare facilities in the area. Healthcare practitioners commonly find the coding and billing duties tedious. And they feel ancillary. But they are crucial. Even if we do not want to think of what we do as a business, all medical facilities need to stay afloat. If you do not protect your revenue stream, you cannot remain open and continue to treat patients.Missouri City TX Medical Billing Services

About Us

Humaira Qureshi is Right Medical’s founder and has experience as a medical practitioner in Pakistan herself. She knows the stress of a job in healthcare. The different duties to run an entire practice or facility is overwhelming. Our goal is to take the responsibilities of financial management off your shoulders.

We typically provide medical billing services to hospital groups, micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and private practices. Small, self-owned, and new practices find what we do ideal for them. Although, we also help large healthcare facilities. We just know that outsourcing medical billing services can significantly benefit small practices.

Many large hospital systems can afford to hire billing services in-house; however, there are many benefits for them to outsource to. We provide a team that is centralized and focused on financial management. We become an extension of your own staff. While you focus on patient care, we look after your end-to-end revenue cycle and take care of the patient and insurance transactions.

Affiliated With:

  • Featured in Katy Magazine
  • A Member of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce since 2016
  • Partners with Preeminent Technology
  • A Partner of Sevocity for our Electronic Health Records
  • A G&A Partner
  • AltuMed’s Billing Software
  • A Friend of TAFEC (Texas Association of Free-Standing Emergency Centers)
  • A Member of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders

Our Medical Billing Services

Missouri City TX Medical Billing Services

Missouri City TX Medical Billing Services

While our first and foremost responsibility to you is our medical billing services, it is not all we perform for you. Your Right Medical Billing team manages the entire patient and insurance interaction. This starts with your code and medical charts. We help educate your staff on the most current medical code with our regular newsletters. Additionally, we do comprehensive audits on your medical charts, so we miss no mistakes. Not only are these important for your patients’ medical records, but we use the code to determine how much your services cost.

  • Training and Consultation
  • Comprehensive Chart Audits
  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Why Outsource With Us

For a medical facility’s revenue, getting claims filed in a timely and accurate manner is crucial. If there is an error in a claim, insurance providers will take the opportunity to reject it. Afterward, you have to go through a lengthy resubmission process, resulting in your delayed payment. This backs up the rest of your patients’ paperwork and cuts into the time you spend with them.

Statistics show some alarming interactions between healthcare facilities and insurance providers. Although, practitioners may already be familiar with them. First off, paper claims can have an average of 30 to 90 days of a turnaround. Meanwhile, with our electronic submissions and our professionals, we can achieve a 14 to 18-day period. Our promise to you is to have all claims filed within 24 hours.

We also know that each claim can cost you $8.00 to $10.00. Our team promises to cut this down by 50% or more. Third, insurance companies have a 30% suspension and rejection rate. Through our careful audits of your codes and medical charts, we can reduce this to 2-3% with a 98% accuracy rate.

All these delays, rejections, and missed reimbursements add up. Insurance companies do what they can to take advantage of them. This amounts to only 70% of claims getting paid. And often, medical practices have to deal with delinquent patients. This costs the responsible patient and eventually you. Your Missouri City TX medical billing services team can get this number up to 98%.

How We Stand Out

Our company and Humaira Qureshi has enough experience to understand the problems associated with outsourcing companies. Too many times, a company does the bare minimum only to collect their paycheck at the end of the year. We, on the other hand, have become known as the cleanup Missouri City TX medical billing services company.

The first thing we do when you sign up with us is to ask what left you unsatisfied with your last provider. From there, we perform a full and thorough audit of your finances. Unfortunately, we often find that their negligence left errors and a hole in the revenue stream from missed reimbursements and claims.

We make a point to stand out as one of the outsourcing medical business services you can trust. Read our clients’ testimonials to see what we have been able to do for them. The most common feedback we get is on our knowledge and accessibility.

You always have us on call, and there will always be another person on the line. We believe you should always have access to the state of your finances and patients’ claims and payments. Additionally, we get to know our clients. By better knowing you and understanding your practice, we can better serve you according to your preferences.

Missouri City TX Medical Billing Services

Reduce billing errors and increase cash flow.

Missouri City TX Medical Billing Services

The medical community was greatly affected by COVID-19 recently. It greatly impacted Missouri City, Houston, the country, and the world. But it reminded us of what we already knew: our job is hectic and stressful. And emergencies make our workload seem unmanageable. Meanwhile, our paperwork is getting backed up, distracting us from the patients that need us. A backup team of professional billers that take this task off your back in a time of crisis can be crucial.

On the other hand, the medical industry is also familiar with constant changes. With every new wave of healthcare and insurance reform, we have to change our systems of code and billing. Every change in rules and regulations means our staff has to relearn how they do things. And technology is ever-involving, always keeping our methods in flux. When you hire on Right Medical Billing, you are trusting this team with experience and responsibility in knowing these changes specifically.

If you see how Right Medical’s Missouri City TX medical billing services can benefit your practice, contact us by calling (281) 864-0448 or email us at info@rightmedicalbilling.com.

Missouri City Texas Fun Facts

  • We have the first operating railroad in Texas.
  • The Freedom Tree still stands in a historical park.
  • Our city spans two counties.
  • The Missouri City Recreation and Tennis Center has over ten tennis courts.
  • For more on our city, visit https://www.missouricitytx.gov/189/City-Overview.
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