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Right Medical Billing is providing Sugar Land TX medical billing and coding expertise and specialists for health practitioners. When we sign on with your practice, our staff becomes an extension of yours. Your payments and revenue are all wrapped up in the billing and coding processes. Even though they are of the utmost importance for your financial health, they often go overlooked. It is fair, though, because they are always becoming more complicated, and they take away from the time with your patients.Sugar Land TX Medical Billing and Coding

About Us

Humaira Qureshi founded and heads Right Medical Billing. She is a health professional, herself, and from her experience, she knows how the tedious task of paperwork off to the side complicates things. This is far more the case in the medical field. With the codes, regulations, and health insurance to deal with, you need financial management specific to your practice. Qureshi put together an excellent team of certified medical billing workers and coders with experience using compulink medical billing software in Houston TX.

We typically serve micro-hospitals, free-standing emergency rooms, hospital groups, emergency care facilities, and private practices. Our Sugar Land TX medical billing and coding are ideal for starting out, small, or self-owned medical practices. But, of course, we can handle any sized medical facility.

Large hospital systems will hire in-house billers and coders. However, smaller medical practices cannot afford to do this, or if they do, it would be more expensive than outsourcing. Our centralized medical billing and coding services provide you with the right alternative.

As your in-between with clients and insurance, Right Medical ensures that you do not miss any reimbursements or claims. Too many mistakes in this area add up and dig into your bottom line. Often, in our audits, coming in after other medical billing providers, we find that much of a practitioner’s revenue is lost to simple errors.

Sugar Land TX Medical Billing and CodingInstead, Right Medical gets all claims billed within 24 hours. From the end-to-end revenue cycle, our diligence will watch over you, so you do not lose anything on passed over reimbursements. We can be your team through always changing regulations and health insurance coverage.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Services

Obviously, Right Medical Billing’s first service to you is our Sugar Land TX medical billing and coding work. And coding and billing are crucial for the income of any practice. Mistakes in this area add up and create a hole where your practice earns its income.

For example, if an error was found in an insurance claim, the provider will reject it. This error puts you through a lengthy resubmission process, a delay of your payment, and backing up the rest of the billing work. However, sometimes a mistake is as simple and drastic as missing out on a service you performed and should have received payment for.

We offer far more than medical billing and coding, though. Our team takes on as much of the transactions and interactions between patients and insurance as possible. By taking all the paperwork and financial work on ourselves, you can focus on your job as a health practitioner.

  • Complete Patient Billing
  • Credentialing and Contracting
  • Training and Consultation for healthcare providers
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Comprehensive Chart Auditing

Credentialing and Contracting

We work with medical practices from the start to finish, and on from there. Any starting business immediately needs its client base for a foundation, which first means contracting. Credentialing with insurance providers is key to getting more clients. The more providers you are in-network with, the more patients can afford, pay, and see you. Plus, our maintenance of your relationship with these insurance providers is how you get the highest rates with them.


Our credentialing get you in-network patients, but we, of course, continue to manage their transactions between you and their insurance. We also will work with and deal with all out-of-network patients as well. As you can see, the ability to accept clients with varying forms of health insurance is the first step to building a clientele at all.

Revenue Cycle Management, Auditing, Training

From scratch up, we work with you throughout your revenue cycle. Our team does training and consultation with your staff, as well, and is responsible for maintaining compliance by ensuring trained personnel. Our chart auditing service makes sure that no mistakes happen on either end. With the constantly fluctuating system of codes and regulations, this backup team can come in handy.

As anyone can tell you in the medical profession, medical billing and coding can be a full-time job. Our certified billers and coders made it theirs. We are yours 24/7 because you need to be able to focus on your work.

What Makes Us Stand Out

The most important task for us is to get everything out in a timely 24 hours. We know if this type of clerical work gets behind, it creates a backup for you and possible loss of payments from clients. Our job is to take that stress off your back and perform this task as professionals. With payments and claims coming in and leaving smoothly, your revenue flows strong too.

Right Medical handles all your credentialing, contracting, chart auditing, and your revenue cycle management. Our Sugar Land TX medical billing and coding specialists manage it efficiently. Hiring us will be cheaper than trying to accomplish this in-house. You will encounter overhead, salary, and technology savings through us.

We are familiar with the problems with outsourcing. Humaira Qureshi and we have all experienced them. A bad medical billing and coding provider can come in and do the bare minimum. They will pick up their paycheck at the end of the revenue year all the same.

Sugar Land TX Medical Billing and CodingOur job is to come in after them and clean up, though. With our audits, we find the trouble they caused. The first thing we do is ask you how you were dissatisfied with your previous provider. We find where your revenue losses are coming from, and too often, they are from careless errors.

Sugar Land TX Medical Billing and Coding

Now more than ever, with COVID-19, it is clear to healthcare providers how hectic things can get. We are no strangers to that throughout the year. On the coding and billing side of things, we have experienced many ups and downs. Every wave of healthcare reform brings in all new codes and regulations to learn. And technology will continue to keep things in constant flux.

That is what outsourcing the billing and coding job is for. Our job as professionals is to specialize in these changes in codes, while you stay working with your patients. If you see how Right Medical’s Sugar Land TX medical billing and coding can help your practice, call (281) 864-0448 or email us at

Sugar Land Texas Fun Facts

  • Our Town Square covers 1.2 acres, a public plaza with community-wide events like a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration.
  • We were the first community to be named a Community of Respect in 2007, and we have continued to receive that distinction.
  • Sugar Lound was a company town for over 50 years until we incorporated in 1959.
  • For more on Sugar Land, visit
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