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We aggressively seek approvals on claims and correct any coding errors made on your behalf. We manually adjust as needed and educate your staff, utilizing training sessions and newsletters, as well as monthly phone calls addressing any issue that is negatively affecting your revenue.

It is easy for urgent care clinics to be underpaid for their services. Between contracts and documentation, there are many things that can go wrong. Right Medical billing can help you establish beneficial contracts, develop quality front desk practices, and train your staff not to overlook valuable charges.

When it comes to front desk practices, pre-authorization is a challenge. As an urgent care, we understand that you are not always able to call the insurance companies for pre-authorization. This is where billing issues may come up. To avoid these billing issues, it is essential to have your patients sign an affidavit of financial responsibility before receiving services. Right Medical Billing can help you learn more about these forms and their importance. Our team can train your staff so they will understand where to get these forms and when to have a patient sign them.

There are many other things that can be easily overlooked when it comes to running an urgent care. Proper documentation is key. With the daily routine, it can be easy for staff members to overlook some charges. Some of these can be x-rays, injections, or blood draws. Right Medical Billing will help you find possible charges as well as ensuring that all your documentation is in order.

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As your partner, we want to help you and your urgent care grow. Right Medical Billing understands the ins and outs of contracting, billing, and more. We will help you and your team become more efficient in providing quality care to your patients. Contact us at (281)-864-0448 for a consultation.

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