Total practice billing compliance

Rules and Regulations are Ever-Changing

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, becoming increasingly innovative and inclusive. With this comes constant updates to rules, regulations and compliance. Staying abreast of all these changes is time-consuming and incredibly arduous on an already exasperating schedule of a physician. Right Medical Billing has an entire team whose sole purpose is to keep up with these changes and inform clients accordingly.

Right Medical Billing stays on top of your documentation and ensures that we are not engaging in unacceptable billing practices, such as duplicate billing, billing for services not rendered, billing for services without medical necessity and accurate documentation. Although these items are efforts made on your part, we understand that a physician’s work life is hectic, and these things can be overlooked. If we believe your facility is engaging in these practices, we immediately correct the issue and ensure your facility is following all compliance laws and regulations.

Compliance and Liability

Right Medical Billing adheres to all federal and state laws and regulations set for the healthcare industry, specific to billing and coding. Following guidelines set for us ensures that claims are filed faster, without error, and reimbursements are increasingly consistent.

Between patient privacy, medical fraud, and fair debt collection, it is easy to slip up. A claim that does not accurately represent the service given to the patient is considered medical fraud. Poor chart keeping results in an inaccurate representation of service. Having the right billing company to go over charts and to make sure you comply is an important step in the billing process.

These rules and regulations do not remain static and maintaining your operations while staying abreast of the ever-changing guidelines are not something a physician has time for. Your job is to heal. Our job is to ensure your compliance.

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