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No Surprise Act
Patients are often surprised when they see additional medical bills in their mailbox. Many patients believe that certain costs should have been covered by their health insurance. They are often unaware that certain healthcare servicesRead More
Professional vs. Institutional Billing
If you are applying for a position in a medical billing company, you must understand the various types of healthcare service providers. There is a clear distinction between billing in healthcare versus billing in otherRead More
How to Arrest Revenue Leakage in Medical Billing
The revenue cycle in medical billing is a complex network of interconnected processes that manage and collect payments for hospitals, doctors, and health care systems for the services provided to their people. These include patientRead More
provider credentialing process flow
To avoid any complications, whether you are adding a new doctor or launching your practice, you must begin the credentialing process as soon as possible. If you disregard the importance of the credentialing process, youRead More
Medical Billing Practices to Maintain a Healthy Cash flow
The majority of medical practitioners open their private practice because they want to serve their patients and strengthen their relationships. But It is difficult to stay viable today with the Affordable Care Act, revisions toRead More
5 Tips To Handle Prior Authorization in RCM - Featured Image
Preauthorization is one of the trending terms of the healthcare industry in recent times. This blog gives you a clear picture of prior authorization, why it is essential for RCM, and how to handle priorRead More
Common Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management Problems and Solutions
The most common way to collect your healthcare account receivables is by reaching out and talking to the customer service of insurance company. The number of patients seeking care and the number of hospitals andRead More
What is Medical Credentialing
Medical credentials improve any medical professional’s credibility! It is a process to check medical professionals’ strict scrutiny and practice to provide patients with quality healthcare services. It is also useful for medical billing systems asRead More
Tips for Effective Contract Negotiation for Physician Practices
Physicians have to choose between opting for private practice and entering hospitals OR other health associations in a challenging process. This decision is a turning point in their medical career so before taking a finalRead More