DRG Review

Auditing ensures that your charts are accurate and in compliance with the complex updates and often fluctuating rules and regulations of the billing and coding world.

Comprehensive Chart Auditing / DRG Review

Inpatient DRG Review

Through direct physician leadership, RMB Inpatient DRG Review Services provides a complete solution integrating care delivery with clinical documentation across the population of healthcare organizations. Led by expert physicians with coding and documentation credentials, our unique approach complements value based initiatives by focusing on complete and accurate documentation and coding which define the severity and risk of the population treated. Whether in an ambulatory or inpatient practice, quality of care is reflective of the quality of documentation and coding. Our clients achieve a demonstrable improvement in coding accuracy, quality metrics including risk adjustment, and physician alignment with an average return on investment over 100%.

Better accuracy means better results

Maximize your returns and reduce your accounts receivable with a team that ensures proper coding, and adherence to regulations and each insurance company’s unique guidelines.

Inpatient DRG review and chart auditing is a crucial part of any healthcare facility. It is required to ensure that your charts are accurate and in compliance with the complex and often fluctuating rules and regulations of the billing and coding world. Chart auditing is necessary for hospitals to ensure maximum return on reimbursables.

Proper documentation is the source of your revenue. Proper documentation of services and accurately using the codes will ensure your claims are not being denied. It is also a way that physicians can check their performance and determine areas that need improvement. Another reason to perform an audit is to identify reimbursement deficiencies. There are many benefits for having regular chart audits for your facility. This service will help keep you up to date on the codes for procedures and to show the effectiveness of the care provided. These audits will keep you running smoothly and increase your revenue stream.

Insurance companies do not make it easy to get reimbursed for the valuable services your facility provides to your community. Patient care and providing the best healthcare services should be your only priority when it comes to your healthcare facility. The business aspect of this not only deters your focus from your patients, but also is a source of stress. You heal. Leave the revenue cycle management to Right Medical Billing.

Right Medical Billing Ensures Accuracy

Comprehensive Chart Auditing / DRG Review

Your facility will have a team of experts continuously monitoring your documentation. Your dedicated team not only monitors your documentation, but also ensures you are charting correctly. They will immediately bring to your attention any documentation errors that is causing your reimbursements to decline. We manually correct each error in your EHR system, and if all else fails, aggressively pursue appeals.

Comprehensive chart auditing is the best way to improve the financial health and documentation. By doing this, you can determine areas that need improvements. We will bring to your attention any inconsistencies, errors and the areas you can improve. Right Medical Billing is an extension of your staff.

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