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The single most important element to guarantee reimbursements is proper medical billing and coding. Even the smallest mistake can result in a delay of payment.

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Keystone of Your Financial Performance

Billing and coding are essential for business; however, they can get in the way of providing patients with quality care. Billing and coding are a full-time job, and when it is done accurately, it can yield substantial returns. As the keystone of your financial performance, your organization should have a system in place that runs efficiently and effectively. Expending your resources on medical billing and coding diminishes your patient-centered care. This is why Right Medical Billing offers billing and coding services to help your facility free up resources and increase patient flow.

Right Medical Billing is a one stop shop, that offers you complete revenue cycle management. We are experts in all areas of medical billing. There are many benefits in choosing Right Medical Billing over other billing options. Some of these benefits are:

  • Timely filed claims
  • 100% transparency with data and processing
  • Coding is always up to regulation
  • Adequately being informed of changing coding regulations
  • Custom solutions to fit your organization
  • More affordable than having an in-house team

By choosing Right Medical Billing, you are extending your staff without paying extra for the overhead. We will interview you about what you are searching for in a billing company then build a billing and coding system that will work for you. Our goal is to help you grow your revenue each cycle, which means getting all claims handled proficiently. We are more than just a billing department. We are your partner aimed to help you achieve financial success.

Choose Right Medical Billing to Keep Your Revenue Cycle On Track

Our team handles complete revenue cycle management. This includes processing insurance claims, denial management, keeping accurate records, and more. With Right Medical Billing as your financial partners, your facility will only focus on patient care, which in turn, increases patient volume. Medical billing and coding should be left to experts, and a team who is fully equipped with knowledge and updates on regulations. It requires constant aggressive pursuing of appeals and it is a full-time job.

There are many medical billers who only do the bare minimum to earn their payment at the end of the cycle. With Right Medical Billing we clean up what was left over from the last biller. We offer an audit to health care providers who are in trouble and will find the source of any issue that is impacting your revenue. Typically, any error that is found has to do with documentation and is recovered within the first day of auditing. Our team will quickly assess the cause of negatively impacted revenue and improve it immediately. Right Medical Billing keeps you informed with highly accessible data and performance. You will know what is happening with your revenue management cycle and changes that can be made to further your success.

Give Right Medical Billing a call at 281-864-0448 to learn more about our billing and coding services. We also offer a consultation so that you can see how your facility can bill better.


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