Medical Billing Services in Katy TX

Medical Billing Services in Katy TX

Katy TX medical billing services are all around the area. However, there are very few that offer what Right Medical Billing can give. We are a company that offers complete wide variety of services to medical facilities. If you feel you can benefit from what we provide, Right Medical Billing is here for you.

The medical practice is a tough enough field on its own. Thus, our services are designed to cater to the back end of medical facilities. We are a company that oversees your revenue cycle so that you can get back to doing what’s important to you: healthcare.

Additionally, we also handle chart audits, medical billing and coding, complete patient billing, and more! With our billing specialists on your team, your health care facilities will see improvements in no time. Maintaining an in-house accounts receivable or money management department can be costly. With us, you get more services and save more money.

In an already stressful atmosphere, it can be challenging to keep track of things like billing and collection, contracting, and managing workflow and training. Right Medical Billing makes the task more comfortable while also allowing you to retain more money for your facility. Let us take care of those things for you.

About Our Medical Billing Services in Katy TX

From start to finish, Right Medical Billing supports your growth as a business. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals in a mutually beneficial partnership. We have customizable RCM services that can be tailored and applied to best fit the needs of your office. Here is a list of what we can offer to you:

Medical Billing Services in Katy TX

Medical Billing and Coding

The process of billing and coding is a key component of those in medical centers. This task is so important, that you would never want to leave it up to just anyone. Through us, you don’t have to worry about you services billing, Right Medical Billing will gladly be your medical biller. We will gladly assign our certified medical billing and coding specialists to help you.

We are an extension of your staff. By choosing us, you get the same benefits as an in-house team (and more) without the extra overhead cost. Our team are experts in the field of medical billing. We will build a coding and billing system that works for you.


We specialize in dealing with insurance and patient satisfaction. Another perk of working with Right Medical Billing is that we regularly obtain and negotiate contracts with insurance payers. This is another essential function of the medical field. Contracts with insurance companies must be up-to-date to ensure the highest reimbursement rate. Our team also execute claims in a timely and accurate manner.

You need an aggressive negotiator in your corner that is going to see to fighting for yours and the patients’ interests. Right Medical Billing is proud to have existing relationships that span 25 years. Healthcare workers are some of the essential people in our society. We are dedicated to getting you the best results possible.

Managing Workflow and Training

We specialize in many things. One such thing is having the ability to both manage and train your staff on compliance, streamlining workflow, and maximizing productivity. Furthermore, not only will we help you to manage your offices workflow, we will also assist you with improving it.

While you focus on providing excellent healthcare, we will focus on helping you to grow and function at a more optimal level. Thus, Right Medical Billing will achieve this by observing productivity weaknesses and coming up with solutions to replace them.

Credentialing Services

Medical Billing Services in Katy TX

Credentialing is an important task because it lays the foundation for starting a clinic or healthcare facility. The act of credentialing is to enroll in an insurance company’s preferred provider network. Our job is to place you within these networks with contracts that benefit you.

Right Medical Billing is well-know for its credentialing services. We negotiate contracts with insurance payers and will also take responsibility for making sure your facility or physician’s contracts are current and up to date. Let our expertise facilitate your relationships with insurance companies as well as patients, allowing you to serve more patients, serve them better, and attain the highest reimbursement rates.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Katy, Texas is a city west of Houston with a population of over 149,000.
  • Katy is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and abundance of parks and recreation facilities.
  • Katy is also a major center for business and industry, home to a number of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Katy is a popular destination for tourists and businesses alike.

For more fun facts about Katy TX visit here

Complete Patient Billing

Yet another great benefit of Right Medical Billing is that we offer complete patient billing. While we are translating your medical records, we will also mail statements, collect dues, and answer patient questions. As a result, your patients will have a direct line to us to answer any of their questions or concerns about billing.

Our team will oversee the billing cycle and revenue cycle management. In doing so, it decreases the manpower your facility would need. Your staff’s priority should only be on patient care. Healthcare providers are already busy with caring for patients, charting, and treatment plans. Your time is valuable, and so are your patients. Your patients recognize these qualities and appreciate them.

Katy TX Medical Billing Services

In conclusion, as you grow, we grow. Our goal is for your facility to grow in revenue, by accurately coding your services and billing in a timely manner. Our success is based on how well you do. Together, we can create a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Contact Right Medical Billing today at (281)-864-0448 for your consultation. There are multiple advantages to allowing us to become a part of your team. We will help you increase your cash and patient flow while also helping you to streamline your work. Our team is more than just a billing company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.