Medical Directories to List Your Medical Practice, Clinic or Facility

The use of directories is increasing day by day in order to locate or find any service nearby and get to know the credibility of the particular service. like a good coffee shop in town or the best hairstylist? It can be the best college in town or the best restaurant. Similarly, there is no exemption from medical care. People want to know what to expect before visiting a doctor, and online reviews help them. Doctors are also the first and are mostly found through online medical directories.

8 Major Medical Directories To List Clinics and Hospitals

Medical Directories to List Your Medical Practice, Clinic or Facility

There are eight directories to list your practice so that prospective patients may be located more quickly.

1. BetterDoctor

BetterDoctor is not an internet search database for patients but it is for the physicians. BetterDoctor allows physicians to organize their data in one place instead. This data is then shared with several insurers. In this way, unintentional off-network terms can be reduced.

2. Cured

Cured represents a campaign of urgent research on the eosinophilic disease, but its medical directory encompasses a wide range of specialized subjects, from pediatric to gastroenterological and immunological disorders. The website also provides patients with information on fitness, health, and nutrition.

3. Docspot

DocSpot is an online medical directory that uses its physician profiles on the internet from about 600 other sources. It is often updated to provide patients with the latest information.

4. Doximity

Doximity is a physician-driven internet network. One in four doctors is present on the premises. The website is designed for doctors to manage their profiles, but a mobile app with patient search functions enables them to identify specialist doctors on their beliefs.

5. EZDoctor

EZDoctor is a patient directory to look for physicians through:

• City
• State
• Location
• Zipcode
• Specialty in medicine
• Appointment availability

EZDoctor also offers feedback from genuine patients and gathers reviews from other medical examinations so patients will be able to read about future doctors before booking a schedule.

6. Google My Business

Google My Business isn’t a medical directory; however, it is quite crucial for finding on the internet. If you are looking for the names of your company, Google delivers information that is taken from Google My Business. This data can also be used in other medical databases. You may get all Google information on your practice and administer your profile if you create a Google My Business profile.

7. Healthgrades

Healthgrades is a very famous online patient database of doctors. Every month there are approximately 30 million visits. Healthgrades draws information from the public registries about doctors and then offers patients a search function to select a doctor that matches their location, availability, and insurance requirements.

8. Wellness

Wellness is also a significant health website with a medical directory. This service uses its search functionality to connect patients with the correct physician to obtain information on specific providers from public internet sources.

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