Understanding the Free Standing Emergency Rooms

When afflicted with an illness or injury, it may be challenging to know where to seek care. With so many choices for treatment, including emergency rooms and urgent care centers, knowing where to go during a medical emergency will save valuable time, have the best possible result, and ensure you get the best value for your service provided.

A hospital-owned or a free-standing emergency room is the best choice when you need a facility that is open 24/7 and provides a higher standard of service to cope with an emergency for various reasons. These emergency rooms may be stand-alone or housed inside a hospital. Even though free standing emergency centers (FECs) are structurally distinct from hospitals, they can provide emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the Free Standing Emergency Room?

Understanding the Free Standing Emergency Rooms

A free-standing emergency room offers emergency health care beyond a regular campus of the hospital. It is not connected to or even in the locality of a hospital. Notice that an ER is not identical to an urgent care center. A stand-alone ER can treat any condition that an ER in a hospital might have.

An urgent care treatment will only deal with minor injuries and diseases. Free emergency centers have a qualified ER doctor and registered nurse 24/7, just like a hospital emergency room.  Like hospital ERs, freestanding emergency centers are open 24 hours/7, 365 days annually.

Free-standing emergency rooms offer all emergency services and medical imaging, laboratory services, and doctor visits, etc. The majority of patients are walk-ins instead of ambulances.

Free Standing Emergency Rooms are becoming more popular in the United States in healthcare centers that provide emergency treatment without being physically connected to a hospital.  Free-standing emergency rooms are transforming the environment of emergency care in the United States and are being considered globally. These facilities are helping to alleviate the strain on the country’s emergency care system.

The availability of free-standing emergency rooms is a real blessing in disguise. There will be no more long drives, long waits, or unnecessary hospitalizations. You can receive top-notch medical treatment in a convenient, well-maintained environment.

Covid-19 and Freestanding ER’s

Freestanding ERs are now becoming major healthcare solution providers. In this era of a global pandemic like COVID-19 and its new variants that keep on changing and causing more and more damage to the world, FSER’s are at your rescue.

In the United States, Covid-19 cases are rapidly surging and hospitals are overloaded. In this crisis, Freestanding ER’s will be your rescue. they will provide you with utmost care and excellent treatment.

Medical Billing for Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

There is no major difference between the medical billing for a hospital emergency department and a free-standing emergency room because all the Institutional services are billed using UB-04 and physician services are billed using CMS-1500.

Since Free Standing Emergency Rooms normally choose to remain out of network with commercial payers so out of network negotiations are the most tricky part for Free Standing Emergency Room billing service providers.

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