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How To Improve Medical Billing Process
Medical billing is the preparation of invoices for the services performed, which are given to patients and insurance providers. Medical billers serve as a financial path between patients and medical practices. Without medical billers, medical practicesRead More
Ways for Healthcare Employees to Relief Stress and Anxiety
While someone working in a high-stress job for long hours is vulnerable to burnout, which is currently a genuine epidemic among healthcare workers. Throughout the world, committed doctors, specialists, nurses, and other medical staff workRead More
How to Choose Best HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software
When healthcare providers switch to remote facilities, they have been looking for the right software to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines, while still keeping in mind the protection and privacy of their patients. Telemedicine softwareRead More
Medical Billing Services process
Healthcare businesses are no newcomers to insurance claim reimbursements being postponed or refused. Because it is believed that about 25% of denied claims are never reimbursed at all, practices dealing with this problem are atRead More
Insurance medical billing software features to consider
In today’s world with ever-changing technologies, medical practitioners need to have good medical billing software. It helps your staff manage the billing cycle by keeping track of the account receivables and insurance claims process. MedicalRead More
Strategies to Boost Medical Billing and Coding Efficiency
COVID-19 has caused disastrous consequences in every industry around the globe. Medical billing has its reasonable proportion of dramatic change. While we wait to conclude this fatal viral assault, it is critical to help disadvantagedRead More
Handling Cardiology Coding & Billing Guidelines
Cardiology billing and coding is complicated by many procedural guidelines, significant contractual changes, and often changing codes. CPT code assignment may be difficult, mainly when variables are utilized, and keeping up with different codes, codeRead More
No Surprise Act
Patients are often surprised when they see additional medical bills in their mailbox. Many patients believe that certain costs should have been covered by their health insurance. They are often unaware that certain healthcare servicesRead More
Professional vs. Institutional Billing
If you are applying for a position in a medical billing company, you must understand the various types of healthcare service providers. There is a clear distinction between billing in healthcare versus billing in otherRead More