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How Medical Billing Companies Maximize Their Medical Billing Collections
Medical billing is an essential feature of the healthcare industry. Medical Billing and collections are generally both time-consuming and difficult. Any healthcare service provider knows how difficult it is to get paid for their healthcareRead More
Are Your Remote Coders Secure
Many of the health organizations seek out to have their billing and coding staff working remotely, active attempts to compromise their organization’s data through spam and viruses are been made by foreign actors. Although, manyRead More
Tips for a Successful Telehealth Visit
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and state agencies encouraged the use of telehealth services to maintain social distancing practices. Telehealth can either be a telephone call or a videoRead More
What Makes a Health Practice More Successful than Others - Featured Image
For healthcare practice to succeed, it needs to continue to evolve with a focus on finance and medical performance. Healthcare costs are steadily increasing in today’s healthcare environment, and the current medical payment model isRead More
Strategies to Improve Patient Flow in an Urgent Care Facility
Urgent care clinics offer the perfect care model for patients as they provide valuable care with high flexibility in operating times and with the same-day appointments available. That makes them popular among patients of allRead More
Ways To Maximize Your Medical Practice Cash Flow
Each company’s cash flow is its lifeblood. Suppose your practice is experiencing a tight cash flow due to any reason. In that case, it’s either the latest policy compliance or any government program enrolment, afterRead More
How To Improve Medical Claims Billing Process
The process of medical coding and billing is complex. Billing can take from a few days to several months if a patient has a complicated enough case or has an essential medical history. There areRead More
How to Detect and Prevent Healthcare Fraud and Abuse - Featured Image
Providers should execute extensive compliance programs and improve medical billing processes to detect and prevent fraud and abuse in healthcare. The industry costs billions of dollars a year for health fraud and abuse. Healthcare providersRead More
Most Common Medical Billing Errors And How To Avoid Them - Featured Image
Errors in medical billing often arise from basic mistakes such as prior eligibility verification, typographical errors or errors in data entry. Unfortunately, even a simple error leads to a substantial delay in claim reimbursement. TheRead More