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What Makes a Health Practice More Successful than Others - Featured Image
For healthcare practice to succeed, it needs to continue to evolve with a focus on finance and medical performance. Healthcare costs are steadily increasing in today’s healthcare environment, and the current medical payment model isRead More
Strategies to Improve Patient Flow in an Urgent Care Facility
Urgent care clinics offer the perfect care model for patients as they provide valuable care with high flexibility in operating times and with the same-day appointments available. That makes them popular among patients of allRead More
How To Improve Medical Claims Billing Process
The process of medical coding and billing is complex. Billing can take from a few days to several months if a patient has a complicated enough case or has an essential medical history. There areRead More
Most Common Medical Billing Errors And How To Avoid Them - Featured Image
Errors in medical billing often arise from basic mistakes such as prior eligibility verification, typographical errors or errors in data entry. Unfortunately, even a simple error leads to a substantial delay in claim reimbursement. TheRead More
Why Private Practices Should Consider to Outsource Medical Billing
Medical billing is a tricky task, as there is much more happening in the background to succeed. Specialists in the business sector will need careful and sometimes tedious tasks and then execute them. If youRead More
A healthy population is the foundation of any country. If you are healthy, you can work for more hours, provide for yourself and your families and contribute to your country’s GDP. The outbreak of Covid-19Read More
Unseen Reasons Your Medical Practice is Losing Revenue - Featured Image
According to recent studies, medical practices lose between 25% and 30% of their revenue due to underpricing, charges that are either missed or not submitted, a lack of proper follow-up, or incorrect coding. Some medicalRead More
How Accurate and Transparent Coding can Save Your Revenue? - Featured Image
A significant step of receiving claims for the physician is medical billing and coding. Insurance companies decide whether the services rendered are valid and whether the healthcare provider should be repaid by the claims collectedRead More
How Hospital Services Revenue can Suffer due to Lack of AR Management?
It is essential to correctly monitor the hospital AR management because it ensures that the patient’s will and comfort are not affected. While this seems straightforward, many providers are doing a terrible job, and overRead More