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In the United States, the number of free emergency facilities is rising. There are physically independent facilities from a hospital. For patients who don’t need or have to be admitted to the hospital, emergency care may be offered for different medical conditions. The freestanding emergency room is an ER that.....Read More
Each company’s cash flow is its lifeblood. Suppose your practice is experiencing a tight cash flow due to any reason. In that case, it’s either the latest policy compliance or any government program enrolment, after which you don’t get the best payments. The cash flow of the practice depends on.....Read More
The Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act of 1996 or the HIPAA was developed (PHI). The HIPAA (1996) contains the Data Control Laws, the Safety Rules, and the Warning Rules on Violations. The privacy rule allows PHI to be covered by regulation by agencies dealing with personal health information, such.....Read More
During the war against the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 infections, you will need to take interest of your organization’s financial well-being as you work hard to protect the health and safety of your employees and patients. We must plan for the economic effect in the view of uncertainty on.....Read More
Telemedicine is sometimes also called telehealth, e-health, or mobile health. While sometimes healthcare providers offer different definitions of these terms, they are all concerned with healthcare services provided remotely via the web. That reduces the need for patients in the health care facility to be physically present. Patients can instantly.....Read More
Denied insurance and old accounts are a significant source of pain for specific health centers and practices. If a patient’s insurance claim has been rejected, not only can the cash flow be affected, can also impair the relationship with your patient. Here are several reasons and ways to avoid the.....Read More
Medical billing is the backbone of your health care organization’s revenue cycle. The data are large quantities, claims are kept inflow, and denials are managed to speed up cash flow. Health service providers can monitor their financial and sales periods occasionally. They will then take the ongoing process in good.....Read More
Urgent care clinics offer the perfect care model for patients as they provide valuable care with high flexibility in operating times and with the same-day appointments available. That makes them popular among patients of all ages since they also accept recipients. Self-operating owners of emergency clinics ensure that their practices.....Read More
For healthcare practice to succeed, it needs to continue to evolve with a focus on finance and medical performance. Healthcare costs are steadily increasing in today’s healthcare environment, and the current medical payment model is changing. It also increases choice and encourages patients to choose the medical profession they want......Read More
Medical billing reports are essential for assessing the effectiveness of your practice. Reports show the performance of your company in full detail. That will help significantly to improve your revenue cycle. Some of the questions on the report should be able to answer: Referring to medical profitability Front desk employ.....Read More
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