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Denied insurance and old accounts are a significant source of pain for specific health centers and practices. If a patient’s insurance claim has been rejected or denied, not only can the cash flow will affectRead More
Outsourcing in business means that a third party is involved in performing specific tasks that do not create your business’s core function. Outsourcing offers numerous benefits as it provides customized, specialized service to customers andRead More
Handling Cardiology Coding & Billing Guidelines
Cardiology billing and coding is complicated by many procedural guidelines, significant contractual changes, and often changing codes. CPT code assignment may be difficult, mainly when variables are utilized, and keeping up with different codes, codeRead More
Strategies to Boost Medical Billing & Coding Efficiency1
COVID-19 has caused disastrous consequences in every industry around the globe. Medical billing has its reasonable proportion of dramatic change. While we wait to conclude this fatal viral assault, it is critical to help disadvantagedRead More
Medical Billing Services process
Healthcare businesses are no newcomers to insurance claim reimbursements being postponed or refused. Because it is believed that about 25% of denied claims are never reimbursed at all, practices dealing with this problem are atRead More
Tips for providers to collect outstanding deductibles
The healthcare business is currently experiencing rising copays and deductibles, and successful patient collections are crucial to the financial stability of clinics. Collecting deductibles and copays from patients is a challenging routine, especially when physiciansRead More
Free-standing emergency room
When afflicted with an illness or injury, it may be challenging to know where to seek care. With so many choices for treatment, including emergency rooms and urgent care centers, knowing where to go duringRead More
Prior Authorization
The AMA and other national health care professional organizations reached on a consensus more than three years ago with health insurance industry representatives on how to reform the prior authorization process (PA), but little progressRead More
prior authorization process
Streamlining the prior authorization process could be a transition factor in health care in 2021 that eventually changes patient consequences. Based on a review directed by the American Medical Association of 1,000 physicians, nearly 64%Read More